Halo 3 ODST is a mixed bag. It gives Halo fans the most well rounded expeirience in the sereis while subtracting from a core element, the campaign. It is saddening that this campaign while enjoyable is half the size of a regular FPS which definetly detracts from its appeal. The multiplayer maps are definetly a nice addition but if thats the only thing that appeals to you from this title I would just buy the DLC online. Now one thing that I admit is that the firefight mode is one of the best CO-OP expeiriences ive had in a long time. Overall heres what I think

Gameplay: 8.5/10 Definitley an incomplete yet enjoyable package.

Controls: 10 /10 Halo controls are as smooth as butter and are easy to grasp

Multiplayer: 10/10 Halo has always been one of the best when it comes to online and this is no exception.

Overalll: 9/10 Good for a rent or if it becomes cheap you could buy it