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Mythic and Fog Skulls

Halo 3

Mythic and Fog Skulls

Mythic Skull

The Mythic Skull is on the last level. Head down the regular path and about halfway there will be a cave that is to your right. Go into the cave and you will the mythic skull.


Fog Skull

The Fog Skull is on the FloodGate level, when you start just head on the regular path until the marine says something along the lines of "There! Over There!". Look at the first building to the right and you will see the flood on top ready to jump. Shoot him and kill him quickly. If you do it fast enough he will drop the skull. Doing this too late will cause it to get stuck in the building.


Originally Wrote by: Nick

Edited by: Colby


I (Colby) only edited the guide to make it look cleaner, I do not support this guide nor do I know the quality and/or usefulness of it.

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  • I would recommend that you add pictures. I have edited the guide to make it's readability better now just add pictures and you will be good to go. I would suggest that you also make a guide for all the skulls and not just two.

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