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How to do Well in Halo 3

Halo 3

How to do Well in Halo 3


1. Don't be afraid to throw grenades. If you don't have plasma grenades, there isn't anything wrong with using ordinary frags. You just need to throw it correctly, and one more shot (If the grenade hit the person and exploded dropping there shields) and there down.That is, if the initial blast didn't already kill them...

2. Ignore the haters. If people say your using something newbish, don't believe them, whatever it is it's supposed to be there for you to use, not for you to stare at. Just have FUN!

3. Use vehicles, but be smart about it; Don't get into a warthog if there is no gunner, and vice versa if your the gunner. Also, don't try using vehicles your no good at it.

4. That little thing you see on your right with red dots following is the radar. It's there to give you an idea of what to do as the enemy comes forth. Use it correctly and killing spree's and triple kills will be a piece of cake.

5.Jump often. Jump and move around a lot. This isn't Call of Duty; If you stand there shooting, you will most likely die fast. But if you move and jump a lot, you will be hard to shoot at and therefor win a lot of firefights.

6.If your not familiar with a weapon, map, or vehicle go into a multiplayer map by yourself and practice. Get on Forge so that you can use all the weapons and vehicles. Explore the maps and memorize them. Also don't forget about the single player story. If you play on heroic or legendary you'll unlock cool armor and get good skills.

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  • I Saw This And Liked Everything I Saw, I Did Add A Few In My Own Guide, But Made Your Guide The Parent Guide To Give Yours A Little More Light.

  • My best strategy is to wait around a corner and don't move.  When you see someone on your radar throw to grenades at the wall so they hit them.  If you move though they'll see you and this won't work.

  • i don't own the 360 but the tips will surely help at friends' houses - thanks

  • I don't agree with number 5. When you jump, you cannot change direction to dodge fire. It is best to stay on the ground and strafe (move laterally, right and left). Jumping just makes you an easier target because people can anticipate your path through the air.

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