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    How to do Well in Halo 3

    1. Don't be afraid to throw grenades. If you don't have plasma grenades, there isn't anything wrong with using ordinary frags. You just need to throw it correctly...
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    Halo 3-dress to impress

    Now with halo the armor system -obviously- dose nothing to the gameplay health etc...but what it basicly is is a feature where you can have your unique look and show...
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    Mythic and Fog Skulls

    Mythic Skull The Mythic Skull is on the last level. Head down the regular path and about halfway there will be a cave that is to your right. Go into the cave and you...
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    Mark V helmet tips

    If anyone is wondering why you don't have the Mark V helmet and you have the rank of sergeant and overall 12 EXP, it is because you unlock it by having 12 EXP in...
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    Best sniping spot ever in the history of man kind.

    Ok, in the map Vallhalla, there are the two towers. If you are playing offline multiplayer in forge, go into the bot and fly up as far as you can, then you can go to...
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