Halo. It's a shooter that's hyped every entry. But is the hype deserved for the conclusion of this epic sci-fi trilogy. The answer is yes. A resounding yes at that.

The game starts out where Halo 2's abrupt cliffhanger left off. Chief is picked up by Johnson and his men. The Arbiter is there and him and Chief make an agreement to not kill each other. Now the Covenant is looking for something here on Earth. I'm not going to spoil anything but I'm just going to say that this object is bad. It isn't going to help anyone in ANY way. Now I'm not revealing a lot because I don't want one of the best shooters out there to be spoiled for you. The missions are perfect, all packed with action packed set pieces like a trying to infiltrate a giant Scarab mech, trying to take down phantoms in your hornet up in the sky, or a heart pounding fight with a brute chieftain. It's all completely balanced gameplay and the vehicles are one hell of a time too. The new mongoose is a blast to drive and if your feeling like a badass try out the chopper. This low-ridin' vehicle clears a path straight for your next checkpoint, which also have improved placement over Halo:CE's godawful checkpoint placement. You'll be addicted right till the very end. Although the game is short it's still one helluva time shooting down some grunts, taking down a wraith with my bare fists, or blasting the hell out of anything in my way with the scorpion tank. Look forward to some great fun on Tsavo's Highway as you're  driving across the road of death, The Ark as you're trying to take down wraith tanks, choppers, and a giant Scarab in one giant battle, and a race for your life in the final mission, Halo.

Multiplayer. A monster that can't be contained. And once it unleashes no other multiplayer will ever try to walk in its path. As I played Team Slayer, I felt right at home with the amazing controls, magnificently set up maps, and the amazing weapons.my customized Mark V spartan has taken down a banshee with a spartan laser, sniped a spartan off a giant wheel, kept enemies at bay with a warthog turret, and destroyed the insides of any spartan who got in my way with the energy sword. All in one day. The multiplayer is endless and with the new forge mode it can be even more so. You can affect any mode to your liking, tweak any setting, edit maps by adding a weapon here or a weapon there. Forge is a great addition and people who aren't good at editing maps or don't want to make A+ style work can still have fun screwing around with friends. And the new theatre mode is also great for people who want to make machinimas or if you want to see how you did last game. The great thing is is that you can place a camera anywhere on the map so filmmakers will have a great time.

On the technical side if the game, the graphics are crisp even if the detail of Gears of War is lacking. However if you're someone thinking of buying it now but possibly not for the graphics, throw all of that aside now. This was a good looking game then and you won't be disappointed now. There are no bugs in the game and the sound is great too.

Now let's get this straight. Halo 3 isn't perfect. The mission Cortana is a little annoying with all the flood and the campaign is short but other than that this game is terrific and shouldn't be passed up especially now because it's free to gold members. I highly recommend one of the best FPS's of all time and my personal favorite game.