Guitar Hero was once the series everyone clamored for. The first two titles in the series were intense and filled with absolutely great songs and took immense skill in the Hard and Expert levels. The third entry into the series brought the most challenging songs, even with the forgettable Battle Mode. During this time a new sheriff walked into town. Rock Band showed the gaming world that you can do a whole band set up and do it well. It also showed how downloadable content can be expertly used, especially in Rock Band 2. The last half dozen or so entries in the Guitar Hero universe, for the most part, have been less than stellar, except for this one.

Maybe it was a lesson learned for letting go of the "Brutal Legend" license, but Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock takes a music game and makes it a semi-action game. You don't get to pull off any of the attacks, but you do save the Demigod of Rock with your rock. They created a world from the music it had its fans playing in making it a bit more enveloping. The Warrior forms of the characters are a little cheesy, but it doesn't take itself seriously at any point and is a lot of fun. The powers granted are a nice twist and makes getting 10 stars from a single song a nice accomplishment. Yeah, when you become "All Powerful" its ridiculously easy since one power will save you from failing, another will keep your streak alive, another gives you a full gauge for Star Power and so on and so forth. Overall, it works but as a player since the very beginning, you miss the challenge.

This is one of the best song lists in a Guitar Hero game, not counting GH: Metallica, but I'm biased on that one, since the third game. It seemed that Activision kept moving further and further from the heavy rock/metal that filled its original titles. They began experimenting with more pop rock/glam rock/mashup rock (rock and rap)/anything that had the hint of a guitar/just let the player play any *** thing. The latter being namely from Guitar Hero 5. The ability to import a lot of the songs from previous titles makes Warriors of Rock a little more appeasing and can cover up some of the weaker songs from the game.

One of the best changes didn't occur in the game, but in the guitar controller. The World Tour and 5 guitar controllers seemed to have technical issued that plagued the user. I personally went through 4 guitar controllers before giving up and waiting for Warriors of Rock. The whole design feels solid and carries a nice weight to it. I'm glad they removed the stupid Slide/Tap bar and made that the battery housing and the lock release to unlock the "wings" of the guitar. The guitar holds the immense possibility of being customized to the max, with not only the wings having the ability to be removed but also the headstock can be removed, but so far, only the GameStop preorder guitar wings seem to be the only ones available so far.

The game as a whole, for true die hard fans, is a solid pickup. Its better than the previous releases, but it does carry the weight of "too little, too late" as you what Rock Band 3 has in store for its fans.