Guitar hero Warriors of Rock is, without a doubt, the most difficult guitar hero ever. With songs by Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax, Metallica, Pantera, Dragonforce, and many more, the setlist is among the hardest in any guitar hero. Unless you are a guitar hero god, you WILL fail many of these songs on the first, second, maybe even umpteenth time through.

And that's just fine. It's a challenge that's being missing from the series since GH3, and as a hardcore music game player that suits me quite well. I'm not going to interject my personal opinion of the music in setlist, because I don't think that's a fair thing to do considering that music is so subjective. What I will say is that the songs are incredibly fun to play, and the animations for certain songs (and songs all-over) are hilarious and very well done.

The quest mode is a blast, but it does get a bit repetitive before the big boss battle occurs. For an in-depth description, read the game informer review. I find it does a pretty good job of explaining it. The powers add another level of depth to the gameplay, but unfortunately you forget about them rather quickly while playing the song. It's nice to see their effects though.

Many of the fan favorite modes from GH5 are back, with a few new ones. Matchmaking for online co-op and competitive has been improved, and the option to import all of the GH games after Aerosmith (excluding Van Halen) is great. My library is up to almost 400 songs after the first day! DLC also carries over, however it looks like if you want to buy any "old" DLC songs you have to put in GH5, which is a bit of a hassle. So get all the DLC from GH5 you want before putting in the WOR disc.

Really, my only complaint with this game is that it doesn't change much. The new features are nice, but I would like to see something major added to the next guitar hero (instruments, a more in depth music creator, REAL custom tracks, who knows?) or the formula risks becoming stale.

For now though? Warriors of Rock might just be the best Guitar hero since GH3, if not ever. When you're in the middle of a finger-razing solo by Dave Mustaine, you won't care if  it feels similar to the last games. You feel like this is the way guitar hero was meant to be.