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  • Blog Post: Guild Wars 2 And The First Feature Pack

    Guild Wars 2’s first-ever feature pack launches today, giving players access to a wealth of new options and some significant quality of life improvements. While one of the major focuses of the title has been a push toward continual episodic-content and frequent updates, the feature pack is the... More
  • Blog Post: Guild Wars 2: The Best MMO I've Played In Years

    Guild Wars 2 is the best MMO I’ve played in years. It’s not perfect, and it doesn’t turn genre convention on its ear as much as the pre-release rhetoric from NCsoft and ArenaNet might have led you to believe, but this ambitious and well-executed MMORPG artfully marries the twin design... More
  • Blog Post: 30-Minute Video Preview

    ArenaNet designer Jonathan Sharp walks us through Guild Wars 2's innovative dynamic questing system and shows off a never-before-seen PvP map. The video below touches on a few of Guild Wars 2's most important elements. Curious about how the game eschews traditional MMO leveling content, or how... More
  • Blog Post: Guild Wars 2 Is The Real MMO Revolution

    In the lead-up to the launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic, BioWare and EA increased the hype by pushing the idea that their game was revolutionary. I always cringed when I heard it. The Old Republic wrapped together a lot of things I already loved about MMOs and proved that adding a real story to that... More
  • Blog Post: Lifting The Veil On Guild Wars 2's Mysterious Mesmer

    News that the mesmer would be returning as the eighth and final class in Guild Wars 2 leaked earlier this week , but you may not yet understand the complex mechanics that make this such an interesting addition to the GW 2 roster. I spoke with ArenaNet game designer Jon Peters and system designer Jonathan... More
  • Blog Post: Rabbits Versus Dragons In Guild Wars 2

    It was only a month ago at Comic-Con that I had my first hands-on time with Guild Wars 2 and walked away wildly impressed. Yesterday at Gamescom, I had the opportunity to sit down for two longer play sessions that showed off even more reasons to fall in love with this promising game. Two major mechanics... More
  • Blog Post: ArenaNet Drops New Norn And Thief Details

    After introducing the Thief last week, ArenaNet is finally providing a look at the class in action. As a refresher, thieves are distinguishable by light armor, dual blades, and the obvious affinity for stealth tactics. ArenaNet has additionally offered up a preview of the Norn, described as the most... More
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