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Guild Wars 2

30-Minute Video Preview

ArenaNet designer Jonathan Sharp walks us through Guild Wars 2's innovative dynamic questing system and shows off a never-before-seen PvP map.

The video below touches on a few of Guild Wars 2's most important elements. Curious about how the game eschews traditional MMO leveling content, or how the combat system works, or what the scoop on the massive "world vs. world" open-world PvP battles is? Sharp narrates all those answers and more over raw gameplay footage recorded at the Game Informer offices.

More Guild Wars 2 content awaits you in the six-page feature in the May issue of Game Informer as well as the podcast that Sharp recorded with us while he was in town.

Which aspect of Guild Wars 2 is most exciting or most concerning to you as a potential player?

  • I want to pre-order this game for the early access and access to the beta, but I have no idea when the beta sessions are and I might be too busy to play, anyway. Can anybody tell me when they are?
  • EDIT: So as it turns out I was able to very affordably upgrade my PC so I will be able to run this game!
    I loved the hell out of the original Guild Wars and GW2 looks amazing! ArenaNet is an awesome company that truly loves its fans. If you can run this game, I implore you to support A-Net by buying it and playing it.

    Looking forward to joining you all in Tyria soon! :-)
  • Hoping for a console version, I've never played an MMO before and this seems like a lot of fun. The fact that there's no subscription fee definitely makes me want it more than something like The Old Republic.
  • Does anyone know how this game compares, in terms of system specs, to the original? The original could be played on lower-end systems, but at lower graphical quality. Is that still a legit option in this game? Or is this game pretty much required to be a resource hog? I have a laptop that's decent for gaming, but it's getting old. Do I need to drop the money to repair my PC if I want to play this?
  • I've never been very big on MMOs but this looks pretty cool. At least it's not WoW

  • This looks zvuckin' zveetning.

  • I am soooo getting this game, when it comes out. I'm liking the lighting and textures for it. Very detailed for an MMO.
  • must...know...release date
  • cant see it help me

  • Now that I've finally gotten to see the game... I want it!
  • Please put on YouTube! Cant stream vids from Game Informers webpage at work. Prepurchased 4/11 and am eating up every bit of info

  • It's time for change... It's time for Guild Wars 2! Videos don't do it justice.
  • Each time I see something about this game, I want it more and more. There's no way I'm not getting it, especially since there's no subscription fee.

  • WoW killer! Can't wait! This game looks excellent. It'll definitely be an interesting and innovative game within the online RPG community.
  • right now the only thing I truly like about this game is that from when I last checked you don't pay monthly to play it. it seems to step away in from allot of the standard MMORPG tropes which is good but I feel that I seen and played this sort of thing before. I might just be jaded to MMORPGs tho. xD
  • Guild Wars 2? But... but.. but wasn't TOR supposed to be the end-all, greatest MMO ever made? What ever happened to that? Sarcasm aside, this might be the first MMO I ever stick with for more than a few weeks. It looks really interesting, and the fact that there's no subscription fee really gives me incentive to buy it. It's also nice that it has some actual innovation, instead of just pretending like it does. I'm looking at you, Bioware.
  • Awesome!  Thanks for this vid!

  • I'm 80% ready to just just blow all my saving and get a gaming pc so i can play this.
  • Great video, pre-purchased!

  • I got so sick and tired of MMO's, but this one has me giddy like a school girl! Like cartman, I want to freeze myself and wake up on its release date just so I don't have to go through the agony of waiting!
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