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Guardians of Middle-earth

MOBA Strategy With Guardians Of Middle-earth

If you're looking for some advice in advance of Guardians of Middle-earth's December 4 release on XBLA and PSN, then take a look at this new tutorial video for the game.

This particular video talks about guardian classes (striker, defender, warrior, tactician, and enchanter) and respawning after death.

For more on the game, take a look at this previous video highlighting characters Ori and Agandaur.

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  • I may just have to try this

  • This game looks really cool, but I'm worried that they won't be able to release enough characters without charging for them. One of the draws of a lot of MOBAs is the free to play with a massive number of characters that can also be obtained for free. I don't want to pay for a MOBA and then have to pay for more classes on top of it.
  • wow. a new class of MOBA. might try this game..

  • looks pretty cool, might buy this

  • Definitely going to give this a shot.

  • and here comes another company trying to get in the moba bandwagon
  • Interesting. I love dota 2 but everyone feeds most of the time. I'm sticking to LoL for now.

  • MOBA on my couch? Count me in.

  • Wished for a full console game.

  • Can't wait!

  • I don't need it, I don't need it, ( sees Gandalf) I NEED IT!!!

  • While I'm glad the LotR franchise is still kicking, this isn't the game I've been waiting for.
  • I feel like i'm the only one who is looking forward to this. I need a break from lol so this looks interesting!
  • okaty