When I decided to try the game, I was impressed how well the game holds up, but also, how poorly the analog controls work for this game. To save you some trouble, Be sure to have a programmable controller, so you can fix the buttons perfectly. 

the remixed Graphics are awesome, the sound is meaty, and the gameplay is beefy.

I hate that sega didnt  suggest 4 player co-op. I thought that would happen, since a lot of xbox live arcade games are couch co op, and 2 player co-op is wonderful, although many have bigger families.

the layered fields for battle are horrible. I understand this is for the fighting game fundamentals, but really, its the stupidest part, since technically, 2 players on the same field can be easily seen by the players in co-op mode.

its fun and nostalgic, but another testament that gaming will never be as fun as it was.

I dont know about you, but I am glad that the age of anime is finally taking a back seat to the more western philosophy in gaming.

that said, it is refreshing to hear that classic happy action music during the game and "witty banter" within.

its a great purchase.