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Guacamelee Coming To The Vita With Bonuses

Thanks to the PlayStation Pub Fund, Guacamelee is making its way to both the Vita and the PlayStation 3.

The Pub Fund is somewhat ambiguous in nature, but it basically helps smaller developers receive money to get games on the PlayStation Network.

Developer Drinkbox Studios didn't reveal exactly what bonuses the Vita version of the game would have (at least not until E3 next week) but, I would venture a guess that it has something to do with touchscreens.

For more on the Metroidvania inspired brawler, check out Dan Ryckert's preview.

[via PlayStation Blog]

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  • Incarnasion!
  • Some games just have the greatest titles ever this is one of them.
  • I am looking forward to this, platformers rock on vita
  • I like the idea of shifting between the parallel worlds for platforming. This looks really interesting.

  • I was hoping this would've come to XBLA. Oh well.
  • Trust is subjective to the one that holds the television remote.
  • Wow at this game. Seems like the perfect kind of title for a handheld system, too! If I ever get around to getting a Vita, I'm definitely playing this on it.

  • Wonder how much this will cost, because it looks like a great game!!

  • so sad guacamelee wont be on the 360... i got very excited when i first heard about it
  • There is a god!

    and his name is


  • wow nice

  • This game looks like a creative new application of the Metroidvania formula, I'm definitely looking forward to it.

  • This game looks cool

  • I love it!

  • The ability to switch worlds on the fly is very nice and the game looks beautiful. I can't wait to play this on the go.

  • Bring it on.....

  • This looks fantastic.

  • cool as.. btw how come GI hasn't posted about that the dark souls dlc is coming to consoles??? im soo keen

  • Finally remembered what the art style reminds me of-El Tigre: The Legend of Manny Rivera!