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Becoming The Best Of The Best

It's hard to access just who is the best racer in the world since there are so many different racing disciplines to cover. Grid 2 aims to find out anyway.

The game's career mode centers around the fledgling WSR (World Series Racing) circuit, and your character will actively race and recruit racers from around the world to the WSR. The bigger the league grows, the more coverage it gets from the likes of ESPN (including custom in-studio live action cutscenes filmed with the network) and the higher the stakes become. In the multi-season format you'll not only face off against other racers in the locations and disciplines they're best at, but also participate in events that bring all the WSR drivers together for intense competitions.

Racing in the game is about collecting fans, which act as the game's XP. As you and the WSR grow, your garage will expand too, and you'll move up through Grid 2's four tiers of cars (encompassing approximately 50 automobiles). The game does not feature driving assists, so the tier structure is the game's way of teaching you how to handle increasingly faster and exciting rides. You can, however, customize your car liveries, and these are transferable to different cars within and across tiers. The look of your car will also change, of course, based on the sponsorships you earn. These present different race objectives and increase in prestige as you continue. Naturally, the better you do the more fans you earn, which in turn opens up new sponsors and optional promotional races.

I got some hands-on time with the game, and testing out a few of the different tier cars felt great even though they were racing in different style events. The Elimination race I undertook in Barcelona using a BMW E30 M3 was filled with sharp turns, while the Chicago event put me in a Camero SS. This checkpoint race put more of a premium on precise drifting. Thus, utilizing the Camero's power is key. Finally, the Red Bull Ring track set me in a light but powerful BAC Mono open-wheel car. Unlike the other events, this one was more pro-focused, as the track is historically used for F1.

Grid 2's multi-discipline focus will test your abilities at different types of racing, but you'll have to summon the skills if you want to be the best of the best.

Be sure to check out the gameplay trailer below, as well as the new screens in the gallery. Grid 2 comes out May 28 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

For more on the game, check out these preorder specials, as well as these more extensive gameplay trailers.

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  • Just FYI, it's spelled Camaro. Not Camero.
  • This game is looking awesome, but does it have any of the Porsche 911s? If not I may not get it... Anyone know?
  • If only the trailer looked anything like the screenshots. Hope it won't be as blurry.
  • No cockpit view = No buy.
  • If only they showed real gameplay.
  • I realize this may be a "n00b" thing to say, but there being no driving assists makes me a bit wary of purchasing this game now, whereas before it was a sure thing. I love "racing lite" games that give you a general driving experience without reproducing EVERYTHING realistically, and I don't see what the game would lose by giving you the mere option to use driving assists.

  • *gasps multiple times until his lungs are full*

    Ariel Atom V8 O.O

  • Looking epic.

  • I miss arcadey racing games.

    Can SOMEONE please make a racer that controls like Burnout again? I'm tired of people releasing games like Need for Speed or Forza Horizon and having journalists describe THAT as "arcadey handling". It's not. You still have to slow down on turns and take them "outside to inside" - they're still driven by realistic physics. It's no fun.

    At this point, outside of Mario Kart and Sega All Stars Racing (admittedly, excellent cart racers), there's like nothing. There's Trackmania, which stubbornly refuses to release a proper entry on consoles. And then that's it, besides indie efforts like 90's Racer and Distance.

    For someone who could not be more bored by Gran Tourismo and it's contemporaries, for someone who still remembers how awesome and fun and innovative racers like Rush 2049 were, the current era of racing games is PAINFUL. All you do is make racing games now, right Codemasters? So can you please create an arcadey IP?

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  • Loved the first game so keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Who was the art director? J. J. Abrams?

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