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Grid 2

Behind The Wheel Of Grid 2

Grid 2 has been under wraps at Codemasters for years, and these two new gameplay videos show that the title is hitting the ground running.

The game uses Codemasters' EGO Game Technology Platform, and the title has been in pre-production for two years. Judging by these videos featuring extensive lighting, hood reflections, and plenty of eye candy, the work seems to be paying off.

Codemasters also promises a new car handling model that bridges the gap between sim and arcade racing, as well multiplayer features including offline split-screen and Codemasters' RaceNet community platform.

Grid 2 comes out for the Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 3 in 2013.

Along the California coast

Through the streets of Chicago

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  • This is going to be awesome day one buy! Whenever that day is. (and First)

  • Looks great, can't wait. Still bummed about no cockpit cam though.
  • Hooray for offline split-screen multiplayer!


  • never played the firs one, did it feature at least somewhat realisic car damage? I didn't see any in thse videos but I'm keeping my finger crossed that its because thee just keeping some crds up there sleeve.
  • hmm cool for me its gunna be between this and nfs most wanted

  • I am so far disappointed in this. From what I see, it's worse than the previous game...
  • This looks awesome, great job Codemasters. However, I hate that hood view, I'd much rather see this video in the cockpit view.
  • Looks interesting, but when they said there would be no cockpit camera I decided I wasn't going to purchase it. Its a racing game, and to me a cockpit view is as mandatory as wheels on the car.

  • Looks good, but I think I'll just get Forza Horizon.

  • Look identical to the first one. I was hoping for something a lot more than that :(
  • they took out the in car driving camera, i was looking forward to this since the first one, but i just can't see my self having fun with it now. =/
  • Looks amazing, graphics look sexy for a racing game.

  • looks boring as *** no music or anything
  • Can't wait. I had as much fun with GRID as i've ever had with a racing game. On-line and off. If you pass this up because of a missing camera view, you are a fool.
  • It looks cool I can't wait! I mean, I terribly suck at racing games, but Codemasters always make games that make me want to play anyway.
  • This game could be so good if it had Cockpit view, shame on you Codemasters. If i want a game with out Cockpit view i will play Need For Speed: Most Wanted instead, also that game has much better car sounds.
  • "multiplayer features including offline split-screen.."

    I'm sold! I haven't played and enjoyed a racing game since last gen.
  • The tracks look dull. I don't think CodeMasters has made any excellent tracks since the first DiRT, and considering how badly they wrecked the DiRT series following the first game, I expect any quality that GRID previously had to be crashed in a similar manner. Guess that's what happens when experienced talent leaves your studio and is replaced with no nothing young'uns who are just gassed to have a job as a game developer. Just a guess, but I'm pretty sure it's on the money. The in depth quality of CM racing games simply vanished shortly after DiRT.

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