Codemasters has already proven that it knows how to make a game that feels good behind the wheel, but with Grid 2 the publisher/developer continues to refine its craft. Check out these new screens and what they reveal about the upcoming game.

The company wants to imbue the cars with a grittiness that's not just about damage modeling. "We don't want it to look like it's rolled off a showroom," says Iain Smith, the game's executive producer when describing how the team wants the cars to look and feel like they are a part of the world and the track.

Naturally, this extends to how the cars feel to the player. Gehan Pathiraja, the car handling senior designer, says that Grid 2 features a whole new tire system, among other things, and Smith told us that a lot of work is going into the title's audio and visual packages to give racers even more feedback as they scream into corners like in these screens.

Although these night shots of Chicago feature a small group of spectators, as you progress in your career, you'll see more and more people attending and greater fanfare as the races and stakes get bigger. "The immersion is very, very important to us,” says Smith. "The world will evolve around you in a way that will reflect your progression.”

For more info on Grid 2 – including a tease of the new iteration of the Flashback system, as well as how Codemasters plans to shakeup the traditional race track – be sure to check out our preview in the upcoming December issue of Game Informer out in digital form starting November 8, and hitting subscribers and newsstands in the following weeks.

Grid 2 hits the Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 3 in the first quarter of 2013. Check out the game in action in this scintillating pair of gameplay trailers.