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Best Game for Vita!

Gravity Rush has so many strengths, few weaknesses, and is such a unique title, that it deserves some form of attention from every gamer. The premise and gameplay  are so unique that we, as gamers, should reward and encourage this kind of creativity in our industry. It's not a perfect game, but no game has to be. Playing Gravity Rush delivers sensations that I haven't felt in years, and it's truly unrivaled in providing this exact type of fun. Believe the hype. Gravity Rush is a game like no other.


  • Lol you realize the game is not out yet correct? Or are you sharing your experience from a demo at Gamestop?
  • give it a 10 but specifically state in your review, "It's not a perfect game..." That seems a bit off to me, but I am looking forward to this title, as nothing on the Vita has been extremely enjoyable yet.

  • Dude.. Really?!?! I haven't got this game, nor the Vita yet. But I might get the Vita, right after Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed comes out. Or maybe a demo of the Vita version.