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Check Out Gravity Rush's 2008 Concept Video

Gravity Rush was first shown off in concept form back in 2008, and the original video has made its way onto the web.

We won't be able to get our hands on the full game until June, but based on our time with demos, it looks like the game hasn't strayed too far from the original idea. The art style especially looks almost identical to what was being shown four years ago.

Gravity Rush should be available fore the PlayStation Vita on June 12.

[via Andrisang]

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  • Heh, the music was not good for this kind of game, even though this was just a concept. Glad they got some different music for the final release.
  • Japan and their panty shots.

  • I like the dream-like look of it. Kinda like a weirdly color-bleached Limbo. I shall look into it.
  • Well that was unique.

  • I will be getting a PS Vita for this.

  • Looks fun.  Definitely something to check out when I get a Vita (whenever that will be).

  • ppppppppppppppppppp huh oh sorry
  • this game is the main reason why i want to get a vita.
  • The concept video looks really cool.

  • This looks like the most promising Vita title so far. I may consider buying one when this game comes out. I think the thing I like most about the trailer, though, is the music. This game looks awesome.

  • Gravity Rush looks Epic! But i'm gonna miss the party. :( I gotta PC, PS3, & 3DS, & with my less than stellar time availability, I can't fit a PS Vita into my Game System lineup no matter how sweet Gravity Rush will be... :( I gotta PSP & even with me liking it a lot, i'm gonna be saying goodbye to it soon because of these aforementioned game playing time constraints. :'(

    I'm missing out...

  • This game looks very interesting. But what was with the music?

  • Ugh I'm dizzy already...

  • Ugh I'm dizzy already...

  • This is weird...

  • This game looks fantastic! I am only saddened by the fact that Metal Gear HD collection comes out on 6/6, one week before Gravity Daze. Oh, I hope I have enough time to play them both!

    Also, this was the game that made me want a Vita.
  • i don't think i will be checking that game out.

  • It looks interesting... but I dont know if I would like it as much as say, the portal series!

  • I can't wait to get this game, though according to my local gamestop the date has been moved up, and I do believe this is coming out near the end of May, whereas Little Big Planet got pushed back to the middle of June.

          This could easily be the most original game that the device has to offer; hopefully they execute it properly. I was pretty excited for Escape Plan, but being on the ropes on whether or not I would purchase it, I waited for the reviews and since a majority said that it was an awkward experience with great visuals, I decided to pass. So I'll wait to see what companies have to say about this game first before I go all in. It was highly depressing to hear that LBP got pushed back even further, even more so that ModNation Racers kind of sucks on the Vita. Thank God for Rayman, WipeOut 2048, and Touch My Katamari. I do love my device and easily play it four hours+ a day.

  • Mod

    This makes me wish there was more to the demo but I'll be getting this even though I don't have a Vita. My friend will let me play it on his.

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