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GTA V's Blaine County Offers Rural Charm In New Trailer

If you're planning on a visit to Los Santos and its surrounding areas next week, Rockstar is ready to help. The company has updated the Grand Theft Auto V site to provide plenty of information and resources to prospective visitors. That includes a travel documentary on Blaine County, a little out-of-the-way place with its own unique charms.

The clip below is narrated by Duane Earl, and he might be ringing a couple of bells for you. First, you may recognize the country DJ's name from GTA V's Lifeinvader site. If his voice is familiar, it's because he's voiced by Eastbound & Down star Danny McBride. Regardless, he offers some pretty compelling reasons why you might want to head over to Blaine County.

For more information on the game, be sure to read our extensive multiplayer preview. It includes details on heists, races, activities, and much more.

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  • OMG i can't wait until Tuesday.

  • PLEASE NO MORE TRAILERS OR "TRAVEL GUIDES" The game, the game! "Nice travel guide".

  • When future generations look back upon these years to study our culture, and great works of art, GTA V will certainly be the forefront of that conversation.

  • Bring it on!!!

  • I'm gonna spend a lot of time in Blain County

  • stop teasing me damn it. ugh, i just need this game in my damn hands.

  • That view of the city at night in one of the screenshots looks just as amazing as it would in real life. Can't wait until Tuesday at midnight to finally get my hands on the game. Hope I can sleep that night. Maybe I can settle for one mission.....Who am I kidding? I won't get any sleep. I'll have to sleep in shifts.

  • GTAV..... just come out already!!!  Days are too long to wait.

    I haven't waited for a game like this in a long time... I super excited about this game.

  • I'm gonna die

  • I hope they include some kind of easter egg out there in Blaine County regarding Red Dead Redemption.  That would crack me up.  

    Anything would be fun.  

  • This game looks F'n horrible. How could anyone be excited for this? I plan on spending my time playing Star Trek In to Darkness. That game is sweeeeeet.

  • I wanted it to be The Last of Us, but GTA V is most definitely game of the generation.

  • damn, i have school and work to worry about :/. damn student life.. ah whatever.. my working drawings can wait for this game.. i mean come on, its GTA we are talking about here.

  • anyone signed up for "the social club" i made a crew and am looking for people to recruit

  • Make gravity your b*tch!

  • yep, saw that blaine county videos yesterday and it seem like a really nice place to live... all i have to say is that one of the best days in my gaming history start in 2 days and 8 hours... GTA5
  • Cant wait.

  • Hot Snakes!!

  • Blaine County is where I think I will be the most for the first few days. Can't wait.

  • Soon!