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Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto Website Previews In-Game Radio and Television Programming

Whether its the game's radio stations or the more recent in-game TV programming, the GTA series offers a lot of satirical entertainment for your viewing and listening pleasure.

With the new update to its Los Santos tourist website, you can check out some previews of what GTA V has in store on the entertainment front. You can listen to previews of radio stations like Channel X (with DJ Keith Morris of Black Flag and the Circle Jerks) and West Coast Classic (featuring DJ Pooh, who helped write for the original San Andreas). On the TV side, you can watch trailers for programs like Kung Fu Lazer Rainbow Force, Impotent Rage, The Underbelly of Paradise, and Moorehead Rides Again.

There are also new updates in the Fitness & Relaxation (which touts a new energy bar called Ego Chaser) and the Security & Peace of Mind (sponsored by Annu-Nation, natch) areas of the website. Rockstar also released concept art (above) of a character named Lester as well as eight new screens that you can see below.

  • Only 10 more days.
  • Seriously can't wait for this game! The girlfriend has never played a GTA game, so she's in for a treat.

  • That Beach looks like a lot of hard work when into it. I can't wait to finally get my hands on this game!
  • Hey Matt...its ammu-nation, not annu-nation. I'll let this one slide since I'm sure ammu-nation isn't in spellcheck.

  • Do we really need any more info or details about GTA5? I mean the game is coming out in a couple of weeks and have seen all we need to know about it. I just want to play it now.
  • Mod
    PlayStation members get this for free! *ba dum tsh*

    Sorry, sorry. Couldn't resist. The inner troll is just rampant in me today.

    Can't wait for Grand Theft Auto V! I haven't searched out even one spoiler or leak yet. I don't even plan to discuss it after it comes out until I get it. This game just demands that kind of respect, ya' know?
  • So close and i can't wait to play it.

  • It just keeps looking better and better.

  • "throws money at screen"
  • i wonder if you can sit or anything like that

  • the concept art for gta games is always really great. this, and the dude playing video games are my favorites so far.

  • Can't wait for this game.

  • Is that George from Sienfeld? So this is what happened to him after he got out of Jail huh?

  • I don't care how the graphics look, I just want it to be in an HD resolution XD

  • gawd... im so pumped for this game...

    that screen of the beach look like a PICTURE!!! f cking unbelievable!
  • ive been playing san andreas recently since V is coming out, and WOAH! such a big difference and deep deep detail ROCKSTAR has put out in the new game for the series. My xbox has been collecting dust for months and GTA5 is definitely going to change that! :D

  • Keith Morris? Hell yeah! I can't believe that!

    I also wonder if Opie and Anthony will play radio characters again. I sure hope so!

    This will be the best GTA for sure.
  • So his name is Lester! I think I'm gonna like that character a lot.

  • Only 11 more days.  This is not making it any easier.

  • Awe yeeaaah boooyyyyyyyeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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