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Rockstar Details Grand Theft Auto V Online's Crew Hierarchies

Rockstar has revealed that Grand Theft Auto V will offer a hierarchy structure for delegating tasks amongst your online team of miscreants.

The Crew Leader retains the top position, followed by Commissioners, Lieutenants, Representatives, and Muscle. Rockstar has created a handy diagram of the system which you can see below. In Rockstar's example, the crew is lead by an angry rottweiler. Any number of people can be a prt of any tier as the Crew Leader decides. This gives players to option to create a rigidly structured guild, or an anarchic clan filled with Commissioners yelling at each over the sounds of the Sex Pistols.

You can go ahead and start building elements of your crew, like selecting a name or an emblem on Rockstar's website.

Grand Theft Auto V is coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on September 17. A new 'official' trailer for the game will air tomorrow.

[Source: Rockstar]

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  • Now this looks interesting indeed, this is like how the government is set-up. With a president,vice prez & so forth.

  • Aw man...I don't see myself joining one of these willingly, but that's good for anyone who will.
  • I predict a bunch of leaders with no one under them. Who would want to be the muscle when you can be the leader?
  • I wonder if this is the year CoD gets dethroned, not just by GTA but by Watch Dogs and AC4 and the plethora of other games.
  • Nice concept!!!!

  • this will be a fun thing to do with friends

  • Oh dear I can only imagine the people that will be chosen and due to the naughty deeds they will do.
  • Ima work my way from the bottom to the top, all day suckaass
  • So if you don't have a group of friends to play with are you still going to be *** or will "pickups" still be decent?

  • I wonder which I would go with.
  • I don't know if I really like the concept, but if its there for people to choose then its fine. As long as its not necessary to join one.
  • I hope that each rank has different responsibilities or else this will be kind of pointless.
  • Just gonna be a lot of crew leaders trying to recruit...ill probably pass on this feature. I just wanna rob banks with people

  • This com'in to Mac on Steam? Wonder if I could ever get into a GTA. . .
  • I can already see the arguments ensuing with my friends after this haha. Too bad i only have enough friends to fill up to the lieutenant category. We'll prob switch leaders every time we fail a mission or something. If you're on ps3, with a mic, and over 18 feel free to add me brosephs.

  • Considering I'm from Jersey, and I've watch about every mafia movie in existence it seems like, in my circle of friends, I'm being the damn Crew Leader or at least a Commissioner

  • I'm starting my own little Sopranos up in this sh*t.
  • Depending on how much effort R* put into it (I'm guessing quite a bit), this could be the most fun ever had online. Unscripted organized crime factions! Pitted against each other while building revenue and credibility. Drug wars. Hooker turf. Gun trafficking. Or simply invading another factions hood & taking out/kidnapping their kingpin. The possibilities are endless.

  • Tight.. S/O to my NonStop crew (NSG)

  • Prepare for the crips vs bloods shenanigans

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