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New Screens Show Off Grand Theft Auto V's Impressive Vistas

Rockstar Games has updated the official Grand Theft Auto V website with a number of new details and images.

In the screens below, you'll see more focus on the city, as opposed to the characters of Grand Theft Auto V, which is what has been shown off in previous media offerings. The website also has new details on Blaine County and Los Santos' country clubs, tattoo artists, and yoga studios.

Make sure to check out all the screens in the gallery below, and Rockstar's website for more details.

To see Grand Theft Auto V in action, check out the recent online multiplayer trailer, and gameplay trailers.

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  • Well I can say is that I don't regret pre-ordering GTAV. I was a holdout on GTAIV and really. I enjoyed GTAIV but after beating the game and the DLCs. There as no real replay value at all. Even getting those secret stashes weren't enough to keep me playing. OR even playing it online. Heck Saints Row had more replay value.

    Still GTAV/GTA Online both very much may fixed their problems with GTAIV. After all. Think fans are done with Liberty City. Time to to move west or hell go back to Vice City lol. That would be interesting.

  • I really hope we don't have a system like in San Andreas where you have to eat and workout to maintain your character.  San Adreas was my least favorite GTA.