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Grand Theft Auto V

New Screens Show Off Grand Theft Auto V's Impressive Vistas

Rockstar Games has updated the official Grand Theft Auto V website with a number of new details and images.

In the screens below, you'll see more focus on the city, as opposed to the characters of Grand Theft Auto V, which is what has been shown off in previous media offerings. The website also has new details on Blaine County and Los Santos' country clubs, tattoo artists, and yoga studios.

Make sure to check out all the screens in the gallery below, and Rockstar's website for more details.

To see Grand Theft Auto V in action, check out the recent online multiplayer trailer, and gameplay trailers.

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  • These graphics look simply amazing for a Grand Theft Auto game. Current Gen is perfect for me right now.

  • DAT Yoga!

  • They seem very proud of that golf course.

  • I wasn't sure why they were making this for current gen but now it seems like they just want to cement their legacy this generation by making the best game on all platforms. Let's hope it lives up to that!

  • GTA V. Come for the vistas...stay for the yoga.

  • The Banshee just looks better and better with each game.

  • if anyone wants to know some details about the story mode, go to esrb's website and search grand theft auto 5.

  • If this is all on current gen, then I can't wait to see what Rockstar can do on next gen systems.

  • *Looks at yoga picks* There's the R* we all know and love.

  • Less than a month! You won't see me commenting on GI for a while once GTAV comes out.

  • Less then a month i can't wait.


  • that yoga instuctor lol

  • This game just keeps looking better and better.

  • Nice look'in.

  • Only three more full weeks!

  • LOL whats wrong with Franklin's arms?

  • Cant wait for this game!

  • So excited!