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New Screens Show Off Grand Theft Auto V's Impressive Vistas

Rockstar Games has updated the official Grand Theft Auto V website with a number of new details and images.

In the screens below, you'll see more focus on the city, as opposed to the characters of Grand Theft Auto V, which is what has been shown off in previous media offerings. The website also has new details on Blaine County and Los Santos' country clubs, tattoo artists, and yoga studios.

Make sure to check out all the screens in the gallery below, and Rockstar's website for more details.

To see Grand Theft Auto V in action, check out the recent online multiplayer trailer, and gameplay trailers.

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  • Yeah I think I'll keep my PS3 for a little longer...

  • that yoga....

  • I'm not bashing it so yield fanboys, but what's so good about GTAV?
  • The yoga in this game is going to be funny. Also I want to see hand to hand combat and what it looks like.
  • Those graphics are mind blowing! The yoga pics are hilarious.
  • Those are some... interesting... yoga poses.

  • Hey....... nice vistas.

  • The pic with the crop-duster and the vineyard gave me an idea. Dust yourselves off, citizens of Los Santos! Lol!

  • Mod
    That scenery looks amazing. I will get this game no matter what, even if I have to... kill...

    P.S. Ooh! I wonder if a Gardevoir could stretch like that. *grin*
  • The yoga, lol.

  • Is it sad that one of the biggest things for me is playing golf in GTA? The target practice in GTAIV never quenched my thirst.
  • Love the sunset pics. This game is looking very nice.
  • this game look too good to be current gen
  • Spooby plzzzz

  • Next gen can wait till I'm done with this game. An aside: looks like they still have trouble rendering realistic looking arms.
  • I'm actually more than a little interested in how well the Golf minigame will play, it should be a nice little break from all of the carnage and mayhem of the core game.

  • Look how varied the landscape is! It really feels like they are trying to cram as much into this one as they can. I feel like they listened to the fans from the last game and are working hard to make sure this will be the most fun packed GTA since San Andreas.

  • Haha the yoga pictures are great.

  • those yoga pictures cracked me up

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