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New Screens From Rockstar Show Off 'The Fast Life'

Rockstar has released 11 new screenshots for Grand Theft Auto V. They show off extreme activities like bridge jumping, riding a four wheeler, and relaxing on a pink chair.

If you can't wait until the game releases on September 17, check out our customization Q&A, a gameplay trailer, or another dozen screenshots.

  • I really hope Rockstar addresses flying. I know they said they fixed driving, but flying helicopters was awful in GTA IV. I'm a pretty good pilot in games like BF3, and such if I do say so myself, but flying in GTA IV was so bad. I hope its addressed, as it looks like aircraft will be in abundance in GTA V.


  • You hear a lot about trevor and michael. But I bet franklin will be the surprise breakout character that everyone likes the most.

  • Multiplayer video please

  • I find it interesting that due to Rockstar's marketing strategy of playing it close to the chest, especially when it comes to gameplay details, that they are nearly the only publisher that still gets a news story posted for a handful of screenshots.

  • Rockstar actually released 24 new screenshots, not 11. You can see them at

  • 11 more porno pictures oh yeah lol

  • September better hurry up.


  • If I may use Chess terms, GTA V puts every other open-world game in "check". Of course, that's just my opinion.

  • Has anyone ever seen the episode of South Park where Cartman tries to freeze himself and then wake up when the Wii is released....  this game has me thinking hard on how I could make this work...  maybe a coma... I must find a way, the waiting is killing me.      

    Com'on Com'on....

  • Screw pictures. how about a ten minute Demo!? COME ON! ONE TIME! TEN MINUTES! World can handle it. If not...well we will read on the front page news of; "World Wide: Gamers suddenly all die after playing first minute of Grand Theft Auto V. Read more on Page 40" OR something like that...but who really reads a NEWS PAPER!

  • This will be the first R* game that I've played, and it looks to be a good one.  Can't wait.

  • So when are we gonna get a next-gen release date? Or at least confirm if the game is not coming to next gen.

  • I am excited for this game purely out of trust in Rockstar, nothing in the trailers has looked particularly new or exciting to me. The multiplayer has the potential to, though, I'm looking forward to more information about it.

  • cant wait

  • cant wait