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New Screens From Rockstar Show Off 'The Fast Life'

Rockstar has released 11 new screenshots for Grand Theft Auto V. They show off extreme activities like bridge jumping, riding a four wheeler, and relaxing on a pink chair.

If you can't wait until the game releases on September 17, check out our customization Q&A, a gameplay trailer, or another dozen screenshots.

  • And now there's 11 more reasons for me to be excited about GTA5.

  • This game is going to be amazing. No matter what you have (system wise) we all (the gamer's) win
  • Dear Rockstar,

    The time you spent acquiring these images to send out as an update could have been spent working on GTA V instead to make sure it gets to our hands even faster. These are the worst kinds of teases.

  • I'm really excited for this. Hopefully it's as great as it seems, but then again Rockstar hasn't screwed up yet!
  • 3st
  • Lot's of "Love Fist" references in this GTA. A possible hint by Rockstar?
  • Mod
    Okay, I'm done with the screenshots now. Either show me some more gameplay, or just hold off until you release it. Weren't they supposed to release a new gameplay vid, I guess I missed it?
  • Just imagine what GTA6 will be like. This should have been a next Gen title. Although it will be amazing this Gen. Free roam will be so sweet. So much to do. Can I get paid just to play this game forever?...please? Until Star Wars Battlefront comes out anyway =)
  • I think at this point, screenshots dont make me react. Now I just want to play it or at least see a new gameplay video. I prefer the former, though. Holy hell, I want this spinning in my Playstation already.
  • theres 28 new images on their website. and they are SO GOOOD!!!

  • there's actually 12 pics, the one that's missing is franklin on his motorcycle shooting at something at night.

  • All these screens are fantastic.

  • I'm unsure which system I want this on. All my real-life friends are on Xbox, but I've got this nagging feeling that the Ps3 version would be better. I have no idea why I think that, since most multi-plat games favor Xbox. Maybe because they showed the gameplay vids on Ps3...?

  • Ha! Trever is rocking a LoveFist shirt, nice!!!
  • wait, so is lovefist in the game? if that is so, then other ps2 era gta characters should be able to be in this game.
  • Rockstar is a tease, man. Bad enough we still have a month and a half left to agonizingly wait for the game, but when they give us little previews like this is when it becomes even harder to wait.

  • That Pave Low type helicopter, which I'm guessing is the "Cargobob" from San Andreas is returning?! I'm a sucker for big helicopters.
  • Riding an ATV in your underwear, flying private jets/attack 'copters, and going to sketch stripper joints? Lol, the only thing it's missing is an answer to Saints Row's Pimp Hand. I love games that actually endorse horsing around, and it seems like GTA V is going that route; more than in GTA IV at least. I just reeeeally don't understand why no PC edition has been announced.
  • "They show off extreme activities like bridge jumping, riding a four wheeler, and RELAXING ON A PINK CHAIR. "

    When I relax in my pink chair, explosions happen. It's THAT extreme.

  • Meh. Looks boring.
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