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Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar Unleashes Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay Trailer

Grand Theft Auto V can't come out soon enough, and events like today's release of a new gameplay trailer for the title only make it more alluring.

The trailer takes you through the character switching mechanic, highlights the world, gives you a look at one of the game's heists, and what you can do with that cash to customize your characters.

For more on the game, take a look at these latest screens, the previous trio of trailers each featuring the GTA V's three main characters, and click on our cover story hub link below the video. Also be sure to check out Q&As on customization in the game as well as gunplay.

Grand Theft Auto V comes out for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on September 17. Grand Theft Auto Online will release two weeks later, on Oct. 1, and will be accessible at no additional charge with every retail copy of Grand Theft Auto V.

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  • They are finaly doing it right. I so cant wait to play this O_O

  • Looks awesome.  September can't come soon enough.

  • wa-wai-wait!  grand theft online!


  • Did no one else see that wave rolling in behind the jet ski??? I can wait to tear it up and launch off em. I'm really hoping for a surfing minigame (I know, it would be hard to pull off)  but they probably would have announced that by now.

  • The people at Gamestop said this was coming out for PS4 is that true? I'll gladly get it then

  • this game might take GOTY but i hope that the Last of Us gets some reward as well, it deserves it, best new IP of the year, for now.
  • Oh yeah, it's becoming increasingly difficult to NOT want this GTA... sure hope the driving is on point this time around.

  • That looks simply incredible. It was definitely a smart move by Ubiso

    ft delaying Rayman Legends to launch along with

  • Holy f'ing s! I hope my wife doesn't mind effectively being a single mother for a few months after this comes out.

  • ima *** once i get my hands on this game. either gta 5 or the last of us is gonna be game of the year
  • Oh. My. God!! This game looks amazing! And better than any next-gen game combined! And that multiplayer sneek peak at the end, looks crazy!

  • That was amazing, especially if the game runs that smooth which I doubt but am still hopeful for.
  • holy animal crackers thats amazing!

  • Goodbye life.

  • I haven't played any GTA games, but from this video I'm not really interested in the game at all...
  • I'll be in boot camp when this comes out. :/
  • If anyone isn't impressed by this trailer than you are not from this Earth... this game looks AMAZING and loads of fun! Best part of the trailer is the multiplayer tease... that... looks... so... AWESOME!

  • masterful, looks like Rockstar did it again!

  • I am definitely not going to have enough time to play this game to the fullest, but man I am going to try. This game looks so fun!