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Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar Unleashes Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay Trailer

Grand Theft Auto V can't come out soon enough, and events like today's release of a new gameplay trailer for the title only make it more alluring.

The trailer takes you through the character switching mechanic, highlights the world, gives you a look at one of the game's heists, and what you can do with that cash to customize your characters.

For more on the game, take a look at these latest screens, the previous trio of trailers each featuring the GTA V's three main characters, and click on our cover story hub link below the video. Also be sure to check out Q&As on customization in the game as well as gunplay.

Grand Theft Auto V comes out for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on September 17. Grand Theft Auto Online will release two weeks later, on Oct. 1, and will be accessible at no additional charge with every retail copy of Grand Theft Auto V.

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  • 1:06  He is wearing Max payne's clothes from Max Payne 3

  • Looks amazing.  I'm still sore that what will be the best in the series hasn't been announced on any other platform.  I love GTA, but I'm waiting and hopeful it'll shortly release on next gen consoles and PC.

  • I think this video is proof of a PC version. This looked far too good for a massive open world title on the current gen consoles.
  • It doesn't look that great... Wait, yeah it does:) can't wait to pick up my Collector's Edition!

  • Oh my Fn BALLS! They're aching for this game. Looks fantastic. I may never work again...or sleep =)

  • Seems pretty damn huge.
  • Looks like I'll have to keep both my 360 and PS4 connected for a while.

  • That just seemed mind blowing to me.....

  • So glad they focused on making the gameplay the best it can be.

  • Yes finally we're going to get the shooting mechanics a Grand Theft Auto game deserves. They even added a gun wheel!

  • Saints Row side missions: get hit by cars for points, blow up people in a tank for points, throw people into wood chippers and off of roofs for points, kill people shoot targets and avoid traps for points GTA V side missions: biking, golf, tennis, stock market Still very excited for this! I just think it's a funny comparison when everyone loves GTA and thinks saints row is a joke.
  • Maybe it's the poor graphic but if this is the final product GTA V looks like a cheap copy of GTA IV (2008). Or maybe because we've seen a lot of these places in it's predecessors already?
    The handling of the cars looks strange in high velocity.
    Or maybe we've been waiting too long already like a christmas present in summer ...
    My exitement somehow is gone with this gameplay footage.
    I wonder how Watchdog will make it.
    I hope not to be forced to play GTA V on my PS3 but on my highend PC. I'll purchase it anyhow.
  • The narrator is so classy, just like how the game, this is going to be a time sink and a half!

  • After watching that i seriously can't wait until September 17.

  • Looks like a lot of fun.

  • I've never been a GTA fan at all, but I really like the new look. I think I'm going to play this one!

  • This trailer just got me so excited for this game again.  Did anyone else notice the weapon wheel?

  • Is no one going to mention that it seems as though there's a fourth playable character? Check the rappel sequence. There's a fourth blank head that says '83 days'.
  • Unless the majority of the game is played in cinematic 3rd person, most of that was not "gameplay," it was cutscenes.
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