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Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar Unleashes Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay Trailer

Grand Theft Auto V can't come out soon enough, and events like today's release of a new gameplay trailer for the title only make it more alluring.

The trailer takes you through the character switching mechanic, highlights the world, gives you a look at one of the game's heists, and what you can do with that cash to customize your characters.

For more on the game, take a look at these latest screens, the previous trio of trailers each featuring the GTA V's three main characters, and click on our cover story hub link below the video. Also be sure to check out Q&As on customization in the game as well as gunplay.

Grand Theft Auto V comes out for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on September 17. Grand Theft Auto Online will release two weeks later, on Oct. 1, and will be accessible at no additional charge with every retail copy of Grand Theft Auto V.

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  • This game looks great! In the original version of this article... the video was in Youtube form. It should have stayed that way.  

  • I completely soiled myself!

    I'm loving every character. I must say I'm liking Franklin a lot more than C.J (He's still a badass) He seems to know his buddies are a bunch of low timers selling dime bags in a street corner. He wants to be something more than that in the criminal world. Can't wait to finally get my hands on this GOTY contender.
  • Well when I saw the cover system. Pretty much said "Yep worth buying" Rockstar took the system from Max Payne. WHICH IS A GOOD THING! lol
  • So excited!

  • Mind.....BLOWN!

  • looks nice


    Damn you Rockstar for always delaying the PC version >:(!

  • It looks gorgeous, atleast.

  • I now know what love is.. it looks so... perfect!!! Gta4 wasn't quite as good as san andreas but this looks better than anything ever made.

  • That's just amazing! Can't wait for GTA V!

  • Well I wasn't going to get this but now I guess have to buy it.

  • the game looks awesome. 1-switching players while on a mission looks really slick. 2-switching players while off mission looks awesome, i really love the satellite-kinda thing they did. 3-the gun wheel is simply a nice addition. 4-we are all used to the circular radar but the the squared radar looks good and i think it may give us a wider view of the street. 5-the map is without doubt enormous and this video put to rest the "theory" that the map is not as big as advertised. 6-between biking, hunting, tattoos, stock market, fast cars, planes and... trevol trying to flush a leg down the toilet this game have everything i want and then some. can they please just hand over the GOTY award already?!
  • I'm a heavy pc gamer. I hate console. But I guess I'll have to buy a damn console for this game.

  • Yup, I'm leave the Real World behind.

  • 0.o


  • That looked incredible. Every little detail is so well done and there appears to be limitless fun to be had with this game. Also, the tease of GTA Online at the end has me very intrigued.
  • This game cannot come out soon enough.

  • Trying to keep expectations in the middle, but this video looked truly amazing.

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