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Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar Releases New GTA V Art

Rockstar's art for Grand Theft Auto V always looks awesome and these latest images are no exception. The image above shows Franklin's pal, Lamar, finding himself a new ride. The other piece features Michael's kids, Tracey and Jimmy, sharing a heartwarming sibling moment. This particular image includes a non-family friendly gesture so you'll have to make your way over to the official Rockstar site to see them both in a wide variety of formats to fit nearly any monitor size.

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  • Lol love the Tracey and Jimmy moment picture xD ooh ooh ahhah!

  • Yes, yes I do actually; still rocking the Scarlet Harlot RDR wallpaper.
  • Any word on this (GTV) coming to next-gen Bryan Vore?
  • I can't wait to neglect my family for this game.

  • I've always wondered if the GTA games lose their fun if you ever get you car stolen in real life... or if your grandma gets run over by a speeding car while she was coming back from the grocery shop... or if you're in love with a prostitute who was on her last job before leaving that life behind for good so you two can be together, but then she got brutally murdered by a guy with a bat because he wanted his money back... hopefully i'll never know.
  • Rockstar... the only developer that can get away with just releasing a few new screens or artwork every couple months. lol
  • Jay-Z, secret unlockable 4th playable character
  • My Kleenex and lotion are ready come September.

  • What a sweet wallpaper and car.

  • He's wearing green, and with some of the other in-game screen shots I've seen, I assume Grove Street Families are back to bangin'? GTA V is going to be epic. And with Battlefield 4 coming, I'm excited.
  • im bout to pay this off tommorrow

  • This is just feeding my anticipation that much more.

  • I can't wait to join Lamar! I just love to borrow the cars of the great citizens of GTA.
  • Sweet!

  • Another cover of a juvenile delinquent pawing another sports car. And this is why we hear about REAL game news so much later on the site. (*facepalm*)
  • That is some amazing artwork,I can't wait until September

  • Just tossing my two-cents here but seriously..... How freaking amazing would it be if the only reason why GTA 5 got delayed was because rockstar was polishing and adding grand theft auto 1,2,3 and maybe even vice city or san andreas? i know its a little bit stupid but hey, that would still be freaking amazing right? =)