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Grand Theft Auto V

Latest Screens Show An Array Of Criminality

Rockstar has given us all a little Friday treat with the release of four new Grand Theft Auto V screens. Franklin and Trevor are up to no good, which doesn't come as much of a surprise.

There are plenty of little details to soak in, from the way the member of the SWAT team has positioned himself on the Sheriff's SUV to how sunlight filters through the murky waters off the Los Santos shores. Franklin appears in two of the screens, getting ready to escape the police on a dirtbike in one shot and breaking into a muscle car in another. We join loose cannon Trevor in the middle of a highway chase. Perhaps that canary-yellow car wasn't the best choice for keeping a low profile. We can't tell who's in the wetsuit, but it does look as though there's some wreckage to explore in the bottom-left corner of the shot.

Grand Theft Auto V adds a gameplay twist in that the story is told through the perspectives of three characters. Each brings his own skillset to missions, which is handy in some of the large-scale heists. Players can swap between each character on the fly, depending on the situation. We've broken down how it works in our in-depth preview, so be sure to check it out.

Look for Grand Theft Auto V on Sept. 17 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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  • Mod
    If they keep on teasing us like this I am going to have to write Take-Two a strong-worded letter asking them to stop, thank you.
  • Stahp Rockstar. Stahp. I wanna freeze myself for a few months now. Stahp.

  • Everything about this game screams: "BUY. ME." And guess what? I'm buying it.

  • This is the Catholic school girl of games. Tease tease tease.

    EDIT: I realize now how weird that sounds. I had a rough couple of high school years.
  • I hear Bioshock: Infinite is great but I don't know if anything will be able to top GTAV for GOTY. I want you in my hands right nowwwww!

  • These always look so good, the lighting makes me hold my breath. Good eye about how the swat guy is on the side of the SUV, looks like they will crazy aggressive in their tactics, I wonder if they will try to jump on your car during chases. I can't take any more of these screen shots though, I guess I'm just going to go into a frozen stasis until it's out. Wake me up when september ends.
  • Quality looks excellent.Cant wait to pre order this.
  • I want to touch the disk before I insert it into my console
  • Every teaser just makes it that harder to wait, but hey That's why its called a teaser. GTA is the fastest way to a gamers..... Scratch that, A real Gamer Heart. If i was you guys that can't wait like me either, i suggest you go old school and play the classics until it hit the store selves.......
  • *exhales explicitly*
  • Staff
    Normally I would complain when a developer releases a drip feed of screenshots for their game, but every new glimpse of GTA V is exciting.
  • The graphics look great.  Still not into sandbox games any more.  Looks good though.

  • Don't they look like bullshots? I don't know, it's almost too good to be true...
  • Just a few more months and this painful wait will be over.
  • Jesus..every time i calm down and focus...another batch of screenies pop up...anyone know if there will be a deluxe version with some swag? Totally buying no matter what the cost...i must...don't judge me @@

  • Sabre GT!!!

  • I played read dead for over 120 hours, and I played GTa IV for over 50. This game is going to keep me busy for a very long time.
  • Man I cant wait to explore de country side in this game.. each time R* releases something new about this game I hate/love them. having new stuff is always exciting but it also makes for an even more painful wait

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