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Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar Gets Down To Business In New GTA V Screens

Rockstar is capping Friday off with four new screens from its upcoming Grand Theft Auto V. Today's theme is business. This is GTA, after all, so don't expect any 9-to-5 corporate hijinks.

Judging from the images (which you can see in the gallery below), life in Grand Theft Auto isn't getting any less seedy. Two of the screens show helicopter-mounted snipers lining up their shots. Another captures what appears to be a car-carrier heist in progress. The cop doesn't seem to be all that interested, but that's life in the big city. The final pic shows a biplane cruising along a river. We're not sure what that has to do with business. Perhaps the pilot is taking a survey on the effects of erosion.

If you missed the shots from earlier in the week, take a look at them here and here.

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  • Coffee, please. ~0)

  • Looks like boys and gals that GTA 5 will hit our homes this year. We will probably see the 2nd trailer in a few weeks.

  • Definitely running this on a nice PC. Current gen consoles couldnt handle those textures and lighting effects.

  • I won't judge too much until I see actual footage, but those screen shots are gorgeous. I hope GTA V can live up to its potential.

  • I wish they'd make another GTA Stories game or have returning characters from past games, but old.

  • The fun and graphics looks to have took a jump, but is that to say the same about story and character? I loved GTA IV For those two reasons, story and character, as for San Andreas, but I feel GTA Games are starting to get a little... repetitive. Its like R* is running out of mission ideas, its the same stuff over and over with every game. Do a drug bust, kill some dudes, fly a air plane to some remote location kill some dudes, follow a guy with out getting spotted, kill him. All the games repeat these same mission types, and im getting d a m n SICK OF IT!!! Also, I hope they give us all of san andreas, it will feel incomplete with out the casinos of Las Venturas, or Area 69 In the Desert. Please R*, dont rape us with our wallets and make us pay dlc for extra areas. Thank You for listening. And oh, I do have high hopes for this game, but rock star, please pay attention to this message. Dont *** this up.
  • Shut up and take my money...that I don't even have. Man, I'm still saving up for like 6 games! I would kill for allowance.

  • Why the hell does everyone keep talking about the screenshots?! Does the fact that the screenshots may be from a PC intrigue you all that much?! As Peter Griffin would say, "Oh my Gawd, who, the hell, kës?"

  • why does the first one look way too similiar to a lamborghini? or are they doing licensed cars now?
  • Man I can't wait!!!

  • when can we have it?!!!!!! enough with the teasing!!!! its been years
  • well gues i made this account just for grand theft auto v.... to say that im excited for this game is a understatement, how ever the longer i wait for the relese date the less excited i get..... saying that we should also be glad that they are taking their time on this gta i really hope it is alot better than gta 4.... i would like to see much more customozation like player creation, able to customize vehicles, fly helicopters planes etc.... i also think that the hookers and all that should come back...... but from the screen shots and the trailer it does not look like we have much to complain about the graphics looked super great the cars look really detailed and all that good stuff..... i hope you gues are as ready for this as i am

  • if this does not come out with a consel for this gen i will be extermley upset i will be completley done with gta video games in genral i can promise you one thing i will not spend much more then $300 on a consel ever again.... i prolly have about 1500 wraped up in my ps3 and i could never get what i spent on it the resale on the video games is way to low.....

  • Can't wait until trailer #3 comes out.

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