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Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar Gets Down To Business In New GTA V Screens

Rockstar is capping Friday off with four new screens from its upcoming Grand Theft Auto V. Today's theme is business. This is GTA, after all, so don't expect any 9-to-5 corporate hijinks.

Judging from the images (which you can see in the gallery below), life in Grand Theft Auto isn't getting any less seedy. Two of the screens show helicopter-mounted snipers lining up their shots. Another captures what appears to be a car-carrier heist in progress. The cop doesn't seem to be all that interested, but that's life in the big city. The final pic shows a biplane cruising along a river. We're not sure what that has to do with business. Perhaps the pilot is taking a survey on the effects of erosion.

If you missed the shots from earlier in the week, take a look at them here and here.

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  • These graphics look amazing, I cannot wait for this game! Please tell us a release date!!

  • I really doubt this is next-gen. Look at Halo 4: Superb graphics and it is current gen, yet same tech. Same with GTA V; you had Red Dead same tech as GTA IV but superbly updated graphics......
  • Looks gorgeous. And I already appreciated the graphics in GTAIV.

  • The plane screen is not a gameplay screen.
  • R* "just show them some screens and that's more than they need to want to buy this game".

  • *** in my p--IT'S EVERYWHERE

  • aaaah i want this game!


  • I really hope the controls are better than GTA 4... The camera [using the right analog controller] wasn't very good. I really would like controls mirroring Max Payne 3. We don't need bullet time, but every other control settings and functions should be carried over into GTA 5. Basically, the controls for San Andreas were tighter than GTA 4, and the controls for Red Dead Revolver were tighter than Red Dead Redemption. Ironically, the controls for Max Payne 3 and Red Dead Revolver are almost identical. That control setup and manners with which to move and shoot and hide and dodge are probably what will make me decide whether or not to buy GTA V. Basically, I love the controls for Max Payne 3 and don't see a need for a whole different control scheme for GTA V. :]
  • Well, it's certainly prettier than GTAIV, and that's really saying something. Let's hope they manage to make it more fun, too. Lots more fun.

  • ooohhhhh

  • meh... w.e.. maybe ill get it

  • Let me explain how we create games in the real world: you build the game with some software or whatever. for that you need some hardware (computer) after that you tested it on what ever you want to make it work (xbox 1080/PC/Mac/toaster). for the next generation of console rockstar probably don't have it in hand... so microsoft or/and Sony send them the spec of the next console. this way they can build a hardware close to what the next gen console will be... by the way a Xbox or a playstation are computer... they don't fall down from the sky!!! by looking at those picture I'm pretty sure it will be on the next gen. like watch dogs... rockstar can downgrade the game to fit it on 12 dvd to make it run on xbox 360 but I don't think it's a good idea. and why do you think they don't talk about any release date??? maybe because they are far from finishing the game or maybe this can make you think that the new gen is on the way... and knowing that you maybe not buy a xbox 360 with internet explorer!!

  • looks like this is running on a high end pc not console. the texture detail is way to high for any current gen specs.
  • I bet it's releasing on Christmas. Why else would they start releasing pictures, they want build-up. First pictures, then a trailer, then a live demonstration, then the pre-orders flow in. I know one thing, Rockstar does not disappoint, EVER! So I know that this game will be another blockbuster, with many hours of gameplay, and award winning storylines. Only one question, is it going to be modern, or closer to futuristic?
  • Wow. I want that game so bad

  • Wow. I want that game so bad


  • I hope they come out with a special edition game the way they did with IV .. i cant wait for this game