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Grand Theft Auto V

Passing The Time In Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar Games has released a few more screens from Grand Theft Auto V, and they show some of the more fun things you can do when you aren't pursuing a life of crime.

Whereas the last batch of screens was themed around transportation, these trio of shots showing parachuting, dirt biking, and tennis. Either that, or they show two getaways and a potential gang meeting about to take place.

Looking at Rockstar's screen gallery on its website, there are three more blank boxes, so it may be safe to assume that there are at least as many shots still to be unveiled. Hopefully soon.

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  • from the screenshots this game is starting to look like a huge world with skyrim like graphics.this game looks really good but the only problem with such a huge world is that you will need to fill it with more things to do and most importantly more cars! from the pictures it seems that for the most part they are acomplishing this.i hope the game amounts to the quality of the pictures.fingers crossed.
  • I hope that means new trailer/gameplay pretty soon.

  • Rockstar seems to outdo themselves with each iteration of GTA that they come out with. This game looks like GTA4 x100, and that's great. But where the balls is Bully 2?

  • These screens are amazing i can't wait to play the full game.

  • after gta4, i can wait for the user reviews to come out.
  • When will there be another trailer

  • looks great  can't wait to know when this'll be coming out ...  after playing sleeping dogs i've been in a mood for this genre of game too

  • So excited!!

  • i *** when i saw these screenshots

  • These are some amazing screenshots. GTA V is definitely a buy for me.

  • Most anticipated game of 2013!

  • These GTA boners are getting out of control...stop it Rockstar and just give us the damn game! and give us RDR2 as well!

    Replace every Halo: Reach element with GTA V, and this will precisely be the reaction of playing it for the first time. So I will have to buy a new copy the next day AND go to the emergency room for a swollen *** DX

  • So since this game takes place in san andreas, that means everything from san andreas will be included in gta 5 plus more new stuff! This game will be the greatest open world game for years!
  • holy **** it looks amazing

  • i hope theres alot of houses you can buy like in san andreas
  • Always interested in GTA. Can't wait to get my hands on it, as well as more info about the game.

  • "GTA IV"... one of the best games ever. "GTA V" is THE highest on my most anticipated list. "Red Dead Redemption" was also one of the best. Rockstar never seems to disappoint.
  • the parasailing or whatever its called pic really shows off the detail put into this game. How much you wanna bet theres a boat or raft of sorts u can use to go down that river below the parasailing pic? Or walk/ride the dirtbikes down that dirt path below the character. i think itd be awesome to be able to walk down that dirt path, look up, and see another player playing somewhere else in the world through online lazily gliding to the bottom of this hill. Or flying by that bride in a plane only to see some crazy online player/NPC jump off the bridge. It's all in the detail. Little things like this that may/may not go on in the backround can go a long way

  • The graphics look so good I have to look twice to make sure it's a game.