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Grand Theft Auto V

Passing The Time In Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar Games has released a few more screens from Grand Theft Auto V, and they show some of the more fun things you can do when you aren't pursuing a life of crime.

Whereas the last batch of screens was themed around transportation, these trio of shots showing parachuting, dirt biking, and tennis. Either that, or they show two getaways and a potential gang meeting about to take place.

Looking at Rockstar's screen gallery on its website, there are three more blank boxes, so it may be safe to assume that there are at least as many shots still to be unveiled. Hopefully soon.

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  • Just wan't to say: OMG THIS IS AWESOME! I've played every GTA since GTA 2! IM SO EXITED FOR THIS GAME!!

  • It looks stunning, I just hope they can capture more of the fun that made San Andreas and Vice City awesome. The parachute gives me hope.

  • Looks really good. Can't wait for more.

  • The house and tennis court....look in the the type right and look at how bad the mountains are....reallly enough with the blurry ass pictures zoomed up and put into video games its horrible
  • Its unbelievable how good-looking this game is! Can't wait for more and more news!

  • I hope the tennis plays better than the bowling in IV.

  • Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Hear YE.

    To all reading this article.. BEHOLD the MIGHT ROCKSTAR  and Worship the HYPE!.....

    in other words.. this game is so great i dont think im going outside when it comes out.....Ever!

  • Awsome I cant wait to play it

  • GTA5 is going to be the *** nit

  • Do we know for sure that GTA V will be a current gen game?

  • THIS SH*T IS GONNA BE EPIC!!!! LOOKS HUUUGGGEEEE (sorry for all caps)

  • This game may turn out to be good.
  • Motorcrossing up Mt. Chilidad and playing virtual tennis with someone? *faints*

  • tennis! neat! like billards and darts? yea!

  • These look amazing. I would love if this is a surprise end of year release.

  • Beautiful, as expected.

  • Remember when we were all very hopeful that GTA V would come out this year? Sad Face. But excited face for 2013. It's looking like a fantastic year for top notch game releases.

  • This Grand Theft Auto seems to be promoting the life of luxury. Tennis, dirtbiking,and skydiving. Looks fun.
  • At least I have more stuff to do this time, GTA 4 seemed a little dry in terms of exciting past times.