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GTA V Returns to San Andreas [Update]

Unless you're living under a rock, you've probably seen the new Grand Theft Auto V trailer. Far from being a simple teaser, Rockstar provided an in-depth view of the new city players will descend upon when GTA V releases. There's a lot of detail packed into each shot, so take a look at this massive screen gallery to see the tidbits you may have missed.

Besides setting up a narrative involving a well-meaning father who may or may not get dragged into a life of crime, the trailer contains a lot of potential gameplay hints, including shots of a jet soaring over the city, non-urban areas, and an outdoor gym (will GTA V feature an exercise option like San Andreas?). Comb the images below to find more details, including some of the humorous brands that will pop up during your time in Los Santos.

[Update: Rockstar Games confirmed the game will take place in Los Santos and the “surrounding hills, countryside and beaches.”]

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  • Cant wait
  • Vinewood......Wish it was based off of DC

  • My favourite franchise of all time... Im super stoked for it

  • Whats the release date! ARG! haha, looks amazing. I wanted to run over sooo many people in that trailer...

  • They look so beautiful

  • Looking forward to hearing more about the game.

  • Anyone else notice the freakin BLIMP in the top right corner of the golf course shot?! AWESOME SAUCE.
  • Looks purty.

  • Plenty of juicy stills there.

  • Playing a another dad? Wow, Rockstar has really be stepping up the family ties since the days of GTA III. The closest thing Tommy had to a dad in Vice City was Earnest, and Claude(GTA III guy)? Pretty much a lone wolf.
  • Looking forward to it.

  • Niko had better be in it.I bet Packie is in it.
  • This looks good, and everyone knows that Rockstar delivers on quality, so I don't see any reasons why I won't get this, if not right away.

  • Can't wait! :D

  • Is GI going to do a cover story on this one? I'm sure you are, but I thought I'd ask. ;)
  • "Up-n-Atom" Burger. Love the Simpsons reference.

  • The economic recession is really bad in GTA V. I think it's the first game ever to include this modern crisis.
  • My major hope for this game is they do more to bring the city to life, while increasing the fun. GTA4 brought us into the next gen with new physics which were amazing and graphics and made a much better shooting mechanic. But it lost some of what made GTA awesome in SA.

    My wish list would be. First, they bring back the slight bit of RPG element from SA and the clothing choices, where you have a massive variety of what to wear instead of a couple suits like GTA4. Second, make the city seem more alive. GTA4 worked on that a bit. Being able to go into strip clubs and buildings and comedy clubs they need more of that. But most importantly they need to make the coolest part of GTA, which pretty much happens by accident in all previous entries, something to focus on. I'm talking about npcs interacting with each other. Some of the coolest moments in GTA are some of the simplest seeing a cop arrest an npc or npcs getting in an accident or a fight. They need to work on that i'd love to see people dealing drugs in the bad neighbor hoods gangs jumping people doing drive bys getting in fights pimps beating hookers (lol) Cars running red lights having cops chase them or get pulled over for a ticket some stuff that happend more in older gtas aka npcs jacking cars instead of just you doing it all the time. But seriously that kind of stuff makes the world feel alive instead of just a background for you to go crazy in. Lastly some of the crazy stuff from gta jets, parachuting bring back some of the funner things. Im not saying go all saints row because that game already exists but you can keep the GTA vibe and bring back or add some of that funner stuff with out going over board. Any body agree or have some ideas to add?

    Edit. After looking at the screens and watching the video again i notice several shots an clips where it looks like the main character is a black guy. Then i notice 2 screens where it looks like the white guy and the black guy are together. Co-op GTA V? Remember GTA SA was the first to experiment with MP co-op. Then GTA4 added one of the funnest bits of the game which was free play in the city online but no missions.
  • did anybody else notice the familiar areas?
  • Suddenly life has meaning
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