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Grand Theft Auto V

GTA V: Dissecting The Trailer

How much information about Rockstar's new game can we extract from the first teaser trailer? You'd be surprised.

The trailer may not have shed light on new gameplay mechanics or who the game's protagonist will be, but the brief glimpse we got of the game gave us more than enough content with which to speculate. Here's what caught our eye.

Back To San Andreas

In Grand Theft Auto games, the cities are as much of the stars as the characters. Much like GTA IV's Liberty City captured the essence of New York City, judging by this trailer it looks like Rockstar is bringing the same impressive level of detail to making a city that looks and feels just like Los Angeles. The majority of the trailer takes place in Los Santos, the first city players encountered in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Though some city districts return from the last game (including the affluent Hollywood doppleganger Vinewood), it looks like Rockstar is exploring new areas as well. The trailer introduced us to the Pleasure Pier on Vespucci beach, which looks to be a play off Venice Beach. We also saw a highway sign for Little Seoul, the GTA equivalent of Koreatown.

And The Countryside

At this juncture we have no idea if GTA V expands its setting to Los Venturas and San Fiero like San Andreas did, but we do know that there looks to be ample room to roam the countryside. The trailer showed off an impressive mountain range, a vineyard staffed by immigrant workers, and a large expanse of rolling hills littered with wind turbines and dirt roads. If the script leaks are correct, this may be where the pot evangelist grows his cannabis crops.

Flight Is Back

Many fans cried foul when Rockstar failed to include controllable planes in Grand Theft Auto IV. Judging by this trailer, they return in a big way for GTA V. Rockstar featured three aircraft in the footage – a crop duster, a charter plane, and a fighter jet that looks very similar to the Hydra VTOL in San Andreas.

Fun Vehicles

In the trailer alone, we saw a sexy convertible sports car, a jet ski, and a blimp hovering over Los Santos. Blimp killing spree? Where do I sign up?!

Rockstar's Trademark Sense of Humor

No one in video games is better at lampooning American culture than Rockstar. The signs visible in the trailer indicate that the company's sense of humor is still alive and well. A real estate development of downtown condos is called the Mile High Club, the pest control van the characters use as cover for an assault features the slogan "Putting the FU in fumigate," the postal van slogan says, "We aim not to lose it," and the police car has "Obey and survive" on the side. Rockstar even sends up the legendary In-n-Out Burger with an Up-n-Atom Burger truck.

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  • Why do people keep saying San Andreas. Just because this takes place in one of the cities doesn't mean it will take place in the entire area like before. I think the graphics and level of detail would prevent them from doing anymore than just one city. Unless of course they utilize more than one disc for the game.
  • I can't wait to see the next trailer. ^_^

  • I cant even begin to describe how awesome this game looks!!

  • It's spelled: Cannabis

  • No offense, but for the love of you know what, could there be a female GTA protagonist?
  • I want a new character. It would be really cool if he was a descendant of the long dead yet very inspiring hero John Marston. But I'm sure they're not on the same page as I am on that one. It would add a cool history. Family man, wanting to be a decent guy...sounds like he's got that thing the same. This will be yet another perfect addition. I just downloaded the San Andreas xbox version on XBLA recently and am going to play the crap out of it again. Here's a toast to R* for making brilliance happen each and every time they release something. JUST TRY AND HURRY ON THIS ONE!

  • Looks like its gonna be GREAT!    But...

       I REALLY hope they fix the camera/driving mechanics. There's a fine line between realism and fun that has to be balanced, and they went a bit toward the too realistic side in GTA IV, which wouldnt have been so bad, except the camera angles were a bit wonky and in such a tight setting as the city, made 3rd person camera angles difficult.

  • *Sighs*...

    San Andreas, again. Waited three years intensely to play in a setting I've played in before.

    Besides that this game looks GOOD. I need to watch it in HD, or just better quality, to be able to see the graphics better. It might have been the result Game Informers very sub-par video quality, but the design and graphical quality didn't seem to look much different than IV.

  • Nice assumptions, many of these possibilities flew through my mind as I watched the trailer.

  • Cool article, I tend to miss some of these little details you can get from traielrs so this is always helpful :P And the game looks awesome.

  • Present Day Los Santos? Will it have CJ? Or did CJ end up leaving everything behind? Who is the man running from the cops? CJ had a lot of Hot Coffee, so he had to leave behind a little mocha running around SA. If they leave out Los Venturas, I will be very disappointed. I think running around in the "New Vegas" ie MGM, Caesars Palace, Mirage, Luxor, Excalibur, would be sweet! I think if any developer could figure out how to fit SA in one next gen disc it would be R*.  Long time fan since the underground PC original. I would be satisfied with just LS as the city if they went back to the old school choose your character, ie Bubba. U youngsters might not know what I'm talking about, but GTA characters used to be half an inch on the screen and there was no GPS, u had to memorize the maps. It was amazing to just be driving around in different cars, now u got a jetski ... I'm old ...

  • maybe they will go the saints row route, and include character customization.
  • One more comment, but the architecture in still 5 looks like San Fiero. If there's San Fiero, could Los Venturas be a surprise final stage like in SA? Also, still 4 has a large bridge in the background, maybe the "Golden Gate" equivalent to San Fiero? I'm just worried they left out Los Venturas ...
  • I hope they take a cue from Arkham City and keep the main story to 12 hours or so. Having a 40 hour story is just insane, and it's also just detrimental to storytelling and character development. Save those inconsequential, cookie-cutter "drive to a place, shoot some guys, lose the cops" missions for sidequests. Give me a coherent, 12 hour story with a crap-ton of side missions and I'll be happy.
  • That's nice and all, but the question I'm sure EVERYONE is asking is: Can you get fat in this game?

  • That trailer got me so pumped San Andreas was one of my favorite games ever just the sheer amount of things to do and experiment with(my favorite was riding a bike all the way to the top of the mountain in the country side and ride off it and do as many back flips as i could lol)Im actually glad they might be bringing back the country side!!!

  • Looks good. Foremost, hopefully there won't be an online pass  that affects the single player portion. Secondly, I don't see why this shouldn't launch on the Vita as well (which would be awesome). Finally, I hope this releases the week of E3 2012.  

  • Sorry, I can't stop posting, but I saw something else. The liquor store in the hooker pic has card symbols on it, ie ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦. Why would a liquor store in Los Santos have card symbols? Maybe a liquor store in Los Venturas, where card games will be available? But, is that stretching it? Maybe I am wishful thinking. . .
  • I will agree that returning characters is a slim chance, I would love to be able to go to CJ's house down in that culdasack and see it. Maybe even purchasable or boarded up with police tape or something.
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