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Grand Theft Auto V

GTA V: Dissecting The Trailer

How much information about Rockstar's new game can we extract from the first teaser trailer? You'd be surprised.

The trailer may not have shed light on new gameplay mechanics or who the game's protagonist will be, but the brief glimpse we got of the game gave us more than enough content with which to speculate. Here's what caught our eye.

Back To San Andreas

In Grand Theft Auto games, the cities are as much of the stars as the characters. Much like GTA IV's Liberty City captured the essence of New York City, judging by this trailer it looks like Rockstar is bringing the same impressive level of detail to making a city that looks and feels just like Los Angeles. The majority of the trailer takes place in Los Santos, the first city players encountered in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Though some city districts return from the last game (including the affluent Hollywood doppleganger Vinewood), it looks like Rockstar is exploring new areas as well. The trailer introduced us to the Pleasure Pier on Vespucci beach, which looks to be a play off Venice Beach. We also saw a highway sign for Little Seoul, the GTA equivalent of Koreatown.

And The Countryside

At this juncture we have no idea if GTA V expands its setting to Los Venturas and San Fiero like San Andreas did, but we do know that there looks to be ample room to roam the countryside. The trailer showed off an impressive mountain range, a vineyard staffed by immigrant workers, and a large expanse of rolling hills littered with wind turbines and dirt roads. If the script leaks are correct, this may be where the pot evangelist grows his cannabis crops.

Flight Is Back

Many fans cried foul when Rockstar failed to include controllable planes in Grand Theft Auto IV. Judging by this trailer, they return in a big way for GTA V. Rockstar featured three aircraft in the footage – a crop duster, a charter plane, and a fighter jet that looks very similar to the Hydra VTOL in San Andreas.

Fun Vehicles

In the trailer alone, we saw a sexy convertible sports car, a jet ski, and a blimp hovering over Los Santos. Blimp killing spree? Where do I sign up?!

Rockstar's Trademark Sense of Humor

No one in video games is better at lampooning American culture than Rockstar. The signs visible in the trailer indicate that the company's sense of humor is still alive and well. A real estate development of downtown condos is called the Mile High Club, the pest control van the characters use as cover for an assault features the slogan "Putting the FU in fumigate," the postal van slogan says, "We aim not to lose it," and the police car has "Obey and survive" on the side. Rockstar even sends up the legendary In-n-Out Burger with an Up-n-Atom Burger truck.

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  • *** it all I wanted Vice City

  • Looking great!  Can't wait to check it out.

  • "Speedophile 2000." I missed you Rockstar.

  • I think the protagonist is Tommy Vercetti! It all makes sense after watching the trailer a few times

    NVM my theory was shattered. :(

    Wait.. the protagonists IS retiring.. Tommy would be the right age.. God I hope it's Tommy Vercetti still..
  • This game looks so amazing I believe I MUST GET IT

  • sweet they knew san andreas was too good to pass up. this game will be sex.

  • Future Cover Story!

  • hey maybe there is no "multiple playable characters"... maybe it jus one character but with the customizable options from san andreas. (tattoos, haircuts, & clothing)
  • Mod

    I'm so excited for all of these possibilities. Can't wait to hear more information on this. I need new pants ASAP!

  • Can't wait! Hope they have a Zombie DLC, much like Undead Nightmare.

  • ha jet ski is called speedo-phile

  • Game Informer, pleaseee do a cover story on GTA V here soon.

  • Anyone kinda notice the words, SPEEDOPHILE 2000" On the Jetski? What is that? Like a fast version of Pedophile only faster? Oh look I can now touch little boys dressed as Michael Jackson and get away faster on the SPEEDOPHILE 2000 Jetski filled with Jesus Juice Fuel!
  • YAY!! cant wait till this time next year to play it!

  • there's a seaplane in the shot with the wind turbines.

  • Im really really really hyped right now.

  • i wanna see CJ again!!!
  • Holy crap, that trailer made me nerd all over the place. I've been wanting more since I beat GTAIV for the first time, and this game looks like it will do that. I just hope that they do include San Fiero and Las Venturas. I mean, what is San Andreas without those places? Gambling, rednecks, that huge freakin' mountain? Hell, even if it is limited to Los Santos, a new GTA game is just what I need.

  • Rockstar really knows how to cut a trailer. Every single one that came out with GTA IV were amazing and this lived up to that standard. Can't wait to find out more about this game.

  • I made my friend late to his class just so I could force him to watch it with me. It was worth every second.

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