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Grand Theft Auto V

GTA V: Dissecting The Trailer

How much information about Rockstar's new game can we extract from the first teaser trailer? You'd be surprised.

The trailer may not have shed light on new gameplay mechanics or who the game's protagonist will be, but the brief glimpse we got of the game gave us more than enough content with which to speculate. Here's what caught our eye.

Back To San Andreas

In Grand Theft Auto games, the cities are as much of the stars as the characters. Much like GTA IV's Liberty City captured the essence of New York City, judging by this trailer it looks like Rockstar is bringing the same impressive level of detail to making a city that looks and feels just like Los Angeles. The majority of the trailer takes place in Los Santos, the first city players encountered in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Though some city districts return from the last game (including the affluent Hollywood doppleganger Vinewood), it looks like Rockstar is exploring new areas as well. The trailer introduced us to the Pleasure Pier on Vespucci beach, which looks to be a play off Venice Beach. We also saw a highway sign for Little Seoul, the GTA equivalent of Koreatown.

And The Countryside

At this juncture we have no idea if GTA V expands its setting to Los Venturas and San Fiero like San Andreas did, but we do know that there looks to be ample room to roam the countryside. The trailer showed off an impressive mountain range, a vineyard staffed by immigrant workers, and a large expanse of rolling hills littered with wind turbines and dirt roads. If the script leaks are correct, this may be where the pot evangelist grows his cannabis crops.

Flight Is Back

Many fans cried foul when Rockstar failed to include controllable planes in Grand Theft Auto IV. Judging by this trailer, they return in a big way for GTA V. Rockstar featured three aircraft in the footage – a crop duster, a charter plane, and a fighter jet that looks very similar to the Hydra VTOL in San Andreas.

Fun Vehicles

In the trailer alone, we saw a sexy convertible sports car, a jet ski, and a blimp hovering over Los Santos. Blimp killing spree? Where do I sign up?!

Rockstar's Trademark Sense of Humor

No one in video games is better at lampooning American culture than Rockstar. The signs visible in the trailer indicate that the company's sense of humor is still alive and well. A real estate development of downtown condos is called the Mile High Club, the pest control van the characters use as cover for an assault features the slogan "Putting the FU in fumigate," the postal van slogan says, "We aim not to lose it," and the police car has "Obey and survive" on the side. Rockstar even sends up the legendary In-n-Out Burger with an Up-n-Atom Burger truck.

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  • May I say GTA V is looking like one of the most believable and realistic game worlds in the industry? The amount of detail is staggering, the car tires have marked brands! The frigging car tires! Also, GTA V seems to be touching on a more serious modern topic, the economic recession is looking pretty bad in San Andreas. It's being featured across the entire trailer, from home-less people down the highway to businesses going bankrupt (The " 70% off, We're going out of business" on the wall). I'm positive we'll be playing as Tommy and CJ in GTA V. The city looks like a fan-pleaser mix between Vice City and San Andreas. And both of the characters featured in the trailer (the guy running from the cops and the brief look to a man who seems to be around his 50's) make me feel almost certain they're them. I'm happier for Tommy to be back.
  • It will be interesting to see just how large the map is. If it ends up being multiple cities would they then include multiple discs?
  • I see that shot of the mountains, and I immediately think of hunting animals like in Red Dead. Except with a rocket launcher this time.
  • I posted this in the trailer as well, but I could use some help. The Cop car licence plate says OCT at 1:05, I think the blue car at :50 does as well. Maybe a release date? October 2012? I can't zoom in on the white van at :32 or the blue van at :47 to check those. Maybe someone could help me out.
  • I might just pick this up next year. I wasnt a huge fan of GTA IV, but this looks pretty good.
  • it ends with the main character dying like in red dead because money, hence the way the five sign is represented in the trailer, and you play on as his brother just like you played as jack after john died
  • If you pause the video a few times its almost impossible to tell if its real or not! My ps3 is gonna sound like a lawnmower running this game.

    It also looks like we'll have organized gangs in this one like in SA only more.....organized(?).
  • The main guy talking in the trailer reminded me of Frank west.
  • I predict it'll come out by late 2012 or early 2013.
  • ill get this if its on the wiiu
  • It looks like Tommy Vercetti is the protagonist here. Would be very interesting revisiting a past character. Also, 24th May seems the most likely candidate for release.
  • san andres going back to the greatest gta spot in history
  • it may seem small but im glad to see semi's can hook up to trailers again. I missed that :}
  • My anticipation level for this game just skyrocketed.

  • First pic on the second page, the guy in the background- is that a Nico impersonator, or is it just my imagination?
  • "Putting the FU in fumigate". My motto if I had a pest control company

  • Quick question. Since the game is returning to San Andreas and its neighboring areas, would it be a good idea to pick up GTA:SA. I never played GTA before, and i was wondering if playing that game would give me a better feeling for this one.
  • dam i cant wait to get this game

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