I got this game for my Xbox 360 about 3 or 4 months ago, and I am glad that I did. The game was pretty fun, although some of the missions are pointless and hokey. The cars handle much better than what they did in GTA IV, since they are a little stiffer, and you can customize them to make them faster and look better. All around, the controls are pretty tight, and flying planes and helicopters was a breeze. You have a great array of weapons to choose from, and all of them feel like they have just the right amount of power. You can buy properties, boats, cars, and military vehicles (but I think that's only with Trevor). I did notice there were some graphical issues (pop-in being the biggest issue). There was noticeable aliasing (jaggies) at 1080p, but everything looked pretty well, considering this is on a nearly 10 year old set of hardware (spec wise, at least). I am very impressed with this game, and I will consider buying it when it comes out on PC.