The skies are clear, the weather is weather, the beaches are gorgeous, the blood stains on the pavement are sweet, and the frantic yells of pedestrians running from a psycho with a gun in his underwear is satisfying….ah, nothing like it. The game that lets you get away with everything under the sun if you can lose the cops for 3 seconds just to do it all again is back….Grand Theft Auto . 

After the mega disappointment that was GTA4, GTA5 doesn’t fail to keep my attention from the get go as you are pulling off some of games main features that consist of heists and character switching. The potential is on display as pulling off the robbery and getaway was adrenaline pumping fun, and the character switching worked flawlessly. 

The world of GTA5 is large with so much to so, and graphically stunning. The game displays a lot of details to the characters jerking when stopping short in a car, or the dinks and dents on the vehicle. However, the beauty on the inside is quite ugly. It didn't run entirely smooth as I had experienced a momentary freeze from time to time, and late textural pop ins. It was pretty buggy too as some of the characters mouths would stay shut, and during the mission where Michael is kidnapped by this Asian group the game failed to switch to Franklin leaving me dangling upside down. Could have been a game breaker but I was able to progress after the 3rd try. 

The game revolves around 3 main characters; Michael, Trevor and Franklin, each adding something to the story. Michael has a professional look to him, but not very mild manner. Trevor is a straight up psycho adding hilarious comedic relief. And Franklin is an easy going guy tired of pretty crimes…looking for the big money. 
These 3 will take part in well thought out, creative missions called heists where plot and plan to steal large sums of cash, jewels, or gold. During the robberies you will need to utilize each character to gain the advantage on the enemy. Each character also has special abilities that will prove to be extremely useful. 

I found missions outside of the heists were very bland however, especially the secondary/side missions. There was a mission dedicated to yoga….I mean, how fun. Another was undertaking tasks for some crack head hooker that needed you to do her boyfriend’s job…towing cars. These missions seemed to lack creativity and chaos the series is known for. 

Online is a mess right now and it’s a shame. The concept could be great. There are so many activities to do that can involve more than 1 person, robberies, racing, and missions that can be extremely fun, especially with a friend. The problem is that it’s pretty glitchy and the constant booting is frustrating. It takes a while to get back online so it makes getting kicked from the servers even more annoying. 

Also, it take forever to find a full game and nobody ever joins when you host a game. Finding games becomes a chore and extremely tedious when you have to quit, load, find a game, quit, load, rinse and repeat until you find one that is suitable to what you're looking for. 

During my playing time I found Grand Theft Auto V to be extremely overrated, and my feelings might extend toward the series as a whole. There were a lot missed opportunities that Rockstar could have capitalized on. It had decent story that could have been much better if it did a better job pacing it. Online could have been great but is plagued by glitches, errors and frustrations. Missions outside of the heists were dull and surprisingly, the soundtracks to the game were awful. 

I know I sound very critical but I still enjoyed my time with GTAV more so than IV. Characters were great, Heists were awesome,and gameplay/character switching was well done. Its a good game that misses out on being something special if they put some more time to polish it up. 

O well, back to knocking out random people.