Rockstar has revealed that Grand Theft Auto V will offer a hierarchy structure for delegating tasks amongst your online team of miscreants.

The Crew Leader retains the top position, followed by Commissioners, Lieutenants, Representatives, and Muscle. Rockstar has created a handy diagram of the system which you can see below. In Rockstar's example, the crew is lead by an angry rottweiler. Any number of people can be a prt of any tier as the Crew Leader decides. This gives players to option to create a rigidly structured guild, or an anarchic clan filled with Commissioners yelling at each over the sounds of the Sex Pistols.

You can go ahead and start building elements of your crew, like selecting a name or an emblem on Rockstar's website.

Grand Theft Auto V is coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on September 17. A new 'official' trailer for the game will air tomorrow.

[Source: Rockstar]