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Get To Know Your Online Neighbors

Last month, Rockstar released a trailer for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V, which featured loads of gameplay and breakdowns of how various systems as diverse as deep-sea diving and real-estate investment work within the game. It ended with a tease to the game's multiplayer mode, which showed a character watching street-level mayhem from the safety of a high-rise, ending with another player blasting past the apartment in a military jet. This morning, Rockstar has released a new trailer focused on Grand Theft Auto Online.

The new clip provides insight on how the game's online multiplayer has been expanded since Grand Theft Auto IV. Players can choose to dive online alone and see what happens, or join up with friends to form crews. Crews can take on heist and robbery missions together. The money that's earned can then be used to purchase character customizations, garages, vehicles, and even an apartment. If you're not feeling up for illicit activities, the clip shows slightly less aggressive diversions such as arm wrestling, golf, tennis, and parachuting. It's GTA, after all, so the parachuting highlighted in the video takes place after a character ramps his dirt bike off a cliff.

Rockstar says they will be providing post-launch support for online, including new missions and activities. In the meantime, players will be able to use Grand Theft Auto Online's content-creation tools to design races and customize deathmatches. Once built, these can then be shared with the GTA community.

Grand Theft Auto V is set to release on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on Sept. 17.

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  • Okay, this honestly looks mind blowingly integrated and well developed, but I don't know if that makes me happy. I'm worried that they won't pay as much attention to the single player world, which has always been the heart of GTA. Single player is always the most important factor in a game for me, and I find the addition of multiplayer always leads to cutting quality corners (Bioshock 2, God of War Ascension, etc.) and I don't want that to happen here too.
  • I'd love something like this for the Saints Row universe. I prefer the goofiness of that series, but this online play looks awesome.
  • I better be able to make myself in this game.

  • The multiplayer looks incredibly enjoyable.

  • GTA V is just getting better and BETTER!!!!!!! Can't wait for the game!!!!

  • So I am guessing that Rock* is putting what they did in Red Dead Multiplayer into GTAV. Which really.......I am TOTALLY fine with as RDR had some of the finest Multiplayer I've ever played for an open world.

  • At 30 seconds you will notice a green poster in the background with the all seeing eye say, " The man is watching you." The term "conspiracy theory" isn't needed here.

  • One question can i skydive with my  dog chomp while playing as franklin

  • I feel funny down there...

  • B-Day's the 18th. I know what I'm havin' this year !

  • It's a day one buy for me.

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  • An improved modern take on RDR's MP? Count me in.

  • One thing this article doesn't mention is that this multiplayer isn't available on launch; it opens on October 1st. I'm still very excited, but don't expect to dig into this on day one.

  • Their trailers have ended and started like episodes of Breaking Bad....this game will be amazing
  • I wish Rockstar would hurry up and take my $150 dollars already :(

  • i just hope it doesnt end up to be like red dead. 100% of the time I didn't wanna be killed or fight anyone in the online open world but some idiot had to come mess up your run.

  • Oh damn... I need a clean pair of undies. And next gen is really going to take a beating by not having this game on them.

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