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Get To Know Your Online Neighbors

Last month, Rockstar released a trailer for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V, which featured loads of gameplay and breakdowns of how various systems as diverse as deep-sea diving and real-estate investment work within the game. It ended with a tease to the game's multiplayer mode, which showed a character watching street-level mayhem from the safety of a high-rise, ending with another player blasting past the apartment in a military jet. This morning, Rockstar has released a new trailer focused on Grand Theft Auto Online.

The new clip provides insight on how the game's online multiplayer has been expanded since Grand Theft Auto IV. Players can choose to dive online alone and see what happens, or join up with friends to form crews. Crews can take on heist and robbery missions together. The money that's earned can then be used to purchase character customizations, garages, vehicles, and even an apartment. If you're not feeling up for illicit activities, the clip shows slightly less aggressive diversions such as arm wrestling, golf, tennis, and parachuting. It's GTA, after all, so the parachuting highlighted in the video takes place after a character ramps his dirt bike off a cliff.

Rockstar says they will be providing post-launch support for online, including new missions and activities. In the meantime, players will be able to use Grand Theft Auto Online's content-creation tools to design races and customize deathmatches. Once built, these can then be shared with the GTA community.

Grand Theft Auto V is set to release on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on Sept. 17.

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  • GTA V just looks better and better with each article that comes out.....Sept 17th cant come soon enough for many, many people.
  • A little disappointed it's only 16 players and that "if the cops spot you in a stolen car, you'll get a Wanted level." But apart from that, it is looking absolutely mind-blowing. I MUST HAVE THIS GAME NAOW.

    Oh, and it releases on October 1st (just fyi). So you'll wait two weeks or so before jumping into mp.
  • Trading in my PS3 for this to get the Xbox 360 version. Waiting for 7 hours of formatting to trade in.
  • The online experience is not dissimilar to the single player? I'm really blown away by the detail they are putting into this, getting to wreak havoc around Los Santos with my friends outside of the main story will be incredibly rewarding, plus the continued support means this is a game that will probably be the only reason I keep my PS3 hooked up over the next few years.

    Excitement isn't even close to the right word for how I feel about GTA V, Sept. 17th cannot get here fast enough.

  • Looks pretty good.. Though 16 players is a bit small, especially considering the size of the map. Liking the concept of missions and player-npc interaction within the multiplayer mode.
  • Mod


  • Like that we can make our own deathmatches and races. Wish there was a full map maker like FC3 though.

  • My body is ready

  • Extremely excited for this. Only thing I'm disappointed in is the small 16 player count for such a huge map. Hopefully they can add more for the next-gen port (if there is one).

  • It's such a shame that this won't make it to next gen. Game looks so amazing and this would really be wonderful on the ps4. Guess I'll just have to wait until next gen GTA then
  • This is just mind blowing, a legendary game from a legendary company.

    The best final for this generation.

  • I am going to be checking this out as soon as I can access it in the main game, and we'll see if I ever switch back. This looks absolutely amazing.

  • With all the content in GTA V, there's certainly no need to get rid of my xbox 360 anytime soon after nexgens release. I do hope that they consider eventually bringing it over to them though.

  • This game is going to be so "meh". I see no innovation. Nothing but the same old stuff. C'mon Rockstar. Quit being so dang predictable........said no one ever
  • crap, meet pants

  • Rockstar. TAKE ALL MY MONEY!!!! (NERDGASM)

  • What no Day One Limited Edition? Or what about a Limited Day One Edition?

  • I've already got my crew lined up.

  • So they're improving upon RDR's multiplayer? Hope it gets even better and more immersive when GTA VI comes out.

  • I really hope they bring back gambling from Red Dead Redemption. I loved playing poker with my friends.

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