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Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V Travelogue Site Shows New Info and Screens

You may have heard some talk about a game called "Grand Theft Auto V" that's coming out this fall. It's the small indie studio Rockstar Games, and it looks quite ambitious. A new travelogue section of the game's official site shows off some new images and information on the game.

Rockstar posted some new wallpaper, which shows a new character named "Nervous Ron" (pictured above). We like the looks of this guy. In addition to 15 new screenshots of the game (which you can view below), there's a new tourist information travelogue site for Los Santos and Blaine County, which has quite a few categories for your to peruse. Here are the highlights:

Fast Cars At Your Fingertips

Talks about Los Santos's proud tradition of congestion and lack of mass transit, and also shows off three autos from the game: the Benefactor Feltzer, Obey Tailgater, and Coil Voltic.

Thriving Economy & Commerce

Touts Los Santos' BAWSAQ stock exchange, real estate market, and Flecca, Bank of Liberty, and Maze banks.

Affordable Healthcare

This section talks about the Mount Zonah Medical Center, and introduces renowned therapist Dr. Isiah Friedlander. The site also informs prospective residents about Los Santos liberal laws pertaining to medical marijuana.

The Great Outdoors

Shows off some grand vistas that you'll be able to use for recreation, be it hunting, hiking, or parachuting.

Accessible Air Travel

Perhaps this header should be amended with "...if you're rich." Elitas Travel can offer you everything you'll need to fly the friendly skies, from private jets to helicopters - for a price.

Shopping & Glamour

This points you towards some Los Santos retail destinations like the high-end Rockford Hills boutiques or the "drug addict hipster vibe" of Hawick. You can also get a new coif at the stylists Herr Kutz and Beachcombover Barbers.

Leadership You Can Trust

The events of GTA V will occur during a gubernatorial race between incumbent Sue Murray and conservative ex-TV star Jock Cranley (who looks a bit like Joe Biden). Judging by their new attack ads (which you can watch here), it looks like the race is a doozy.

Vehicular Customization Shops

Los Santos Customs offers a variety of car customization that Rockstar promises will rival its Midnight Club series.

Beaches and Watersports

One of the big focuses of GTA V is more watersports, and here you'll see everything from personal watercraft to one of the more intriguing additions: scuba diving and submarines.

Friendly Neighbors

As always, this new GTA is stacked with a wide variety of shady characters. But, you can always get help from the Epsilon Program, which appears to be GTA V's take on Scientology.

  • BAWSAQ. Nuff Said.
  • Please someone tell me why I can't get into this series when I play AND love everything else Rockstar does? Seriously tell me because I have no idea. I cannot muster any enthusiasm for this game when the whole world seems to be screaming for it.
  • One more month people. One more god damn month.
  • "Nervous Ron" reminds me of "The Truth" from San Andreas. Best GTA character ever.
  • The wait for this game is killing me. I do have one quick question? Do the Cars and House that you own in the game shared between characters, or does each character have there own type of system? I ask this cause of how every GTA has multiple save points. Plus each Character already has there own places to start with, so does that mean when you play as Trevor that you can take something from franklins house or vice versa. Anyways come on 9-17-13.
  • Some of it looks good, but some of it really makes me wish they had developed it for the next gen consoles.
  • Mod
    What if this game had been made... with Frostbite 3?!

  • wow... the leadership...

  • R* is once again doing a masterful job of getting people appropriately amped for their game.

  • Woohoo! All the miscellaneous BS that's not necessary but I love to death has started! I can't wait to lose days of my life in GTA V's internet. I don't even care to remember how much time I spent on the computer in GTA IV.

  • Now that they mention Midnight Club, I sure would like a new Midnight Club game.

  • GGGGAAAAAAHHHHHH I CAN'T WAIT!!!!! Check my page in the mean time.
  • The gubernatorial race intrigues me. My bet is that ultimately you get to pick a side to influence the election. Hopefully your choice has much more of an impact on the world than choosing between Playbox X and Dwayne in GTA IV.

    P.S. Sue Murry looks a lot more like Leslie Knope than Jock Cranley looks like Joe Biden.
  • JUST pre-ordered it 30 minutes ago. We are so close to this game, guys...

  • I believe the author of this article was being facetious at the beginning.

  • Looking forward to cruising in that station wagon.

  • Anybody else click the "Life Invader" button at the bottom of the website? Lol. I love the little things like that from GTA. I always get a kick out of their radio stations and commercials. Can't wait for this to release.
  • Can't wait to play the story.

  • This maybe one of the greatest games ever made.........if it works like they want it too.
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