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Grand Theft Auto V

New Grand Theft Auto V Character Trailers

Grand Theft Auto V is upping the ante with not one, but three protagonists in its upcoming open-world adventure. The latest trailers for the game delve a little deeper into each of them.

In a heist, everybody's got a role to play, and you'll experience them all as you jump between each character and play them throughout the game. Each is a different piece of the puzzle with their own background and motivations.

GTA V comes out for the PS3 and Xbox 360 on September 17. For more on the game's characters, check out our Who's Who story.





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  • I have a feeling Trevor is going to be my favorite character.

  • Lol, Trevor's the funniest, the other two were pretty great though. Can't wait for this game!

  • As usual GTA is going to have one hell of a soundtrack. Can't wait.

  • Can't. ***. Wait.

  • Just let me buy property? !   A house, a shack, an island, anything!

  • I think I'm gonna enjoy Trevor more then I need to

  • All of these trailers were excellent. Nice to see such movie-level characterization. How many times will LA be burned down this September with Trevor I wonder?

  • Looks awesome!

  • Now that's some good video to get my excitement up to peak levels for the Sept. release. Now what do I do for the next 4 months of my life.

  • I just want to go to the streets pick up some hookers, get some nose candy, and randomly execute people (only on GTA, not for real of course). I love GTA!!!
  • I have never and will never understand the appeal of GTA. I've tried all of them and they all sucked. Easily the worst series ever. The missions are boring, the story is a who-cares-affair, and it gets repetitive rather quick, but then again I feel that way about everything this company puts out. It's like they try their hardest to be offensive and come off sounding like a 8 year old with a potty mouth.
  • Trevor is already my favorite.

  • All that green in Franklin's trailer makes it seem as if Grove will be returning!

  • Looks amazing but my mom would kill me if she saw the strippers so I can't get this. I'm 17 by the way.
  • Franklin and Trevor are the ones im looking forward to play as

  • This game is going to be amazing. God I can't wait!

  • oh R*, your such a tease.

  • Am I the only guy who totally LOVES Michael? He a. looks like Max Payne b. wears the same clothing as Max Payne, and c. is like the reverse dimension Max Payne who actually had a wife and kids? I have a serious feeling that Michael is going to be the best character in the game.
  • Why is it that this game's graphics are actually WORSE than Max Payne's?
  • Quite nice.