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Grand Theft Auto V

New Grand Theft Auto V Character Trailers

Grand Theft Auto V is upping the ante with not one, but three protagonists in its upcoming open-world adventure. The latest trailers for the game delve a little deeper into each of them.

In a heist, everybody's got a role to play, and you'll experience them all as you jump between each character and play them throughout the game. Each is a different piece of the puzzle with their own background and motivations.

GTA V comes out for the PS3 and Xbox 360 on September 17. For more on the game's characters, check out our Who's Who story.





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  • Man, all three of these characters are gonna be amazing to play as. I think Franklin will be my favorite, though!

  • The game looks amazing,franklin and michael are my favorite characters so far

  • Trevor looks fantastic!

  • It will certainly be interesting to see how they handle three characters in the game. Trevor looks absolutely crazy, he should be fun to play as that's for sure. With Franklin I hope they incorporate Chop, his dog, into the gameplay in a cool way. As for Michael, I am most interested to see how his story plays out, also I must say I really liked the choice of music for his trailer.

  • I'm a major GTA fan so I'll end up buying this title day one. Unfortunately the trailers and photos just are not building the excitement of past games. I feel we have already saw these characters before. "CJ and Niko."
  • If they put this much effort ino makng each character a full fledged person I can't wait to see the rest of the game! :)

  • Looks great :)

  • I think Micheal deserves a father of the year award.

  • Looks awesome.

  • If I was Micheal I'd kill him.

  • Trevor m-u-s-t be modeled after Nathan Barnatt. For real.

  • Can't wait!!

  • Am I the only one who thinks Franklin might be a part of Grove Street? It looks like he live in that area and seems like he is part of that gang culture from his trailer... Of course I don't know if Rock star has said anything about whether or not that gang even exists in this Los Santos, which if it doesn't I am totally wrong.
  • Michael for the win!!!! Long live Queen!!!!!

  • Looks soooooo sweet! Can't wait for the PC version, though it's probably gonna take a lot of time before it shows up :(
  • That was a little too much awesome for me to handle in one day...


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