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Grand Theft Auto V

New Grand Theft Auto V Character Trailers

Grand Theft Auto V is upping the ante with not one, but three protagonists in its upcoming open-world adventure. The latest trailers for the game delve a little deeper into each of them.

In a heist, everybody's got a role to play, and you'll experience them all as you jump between each character and play them throughout the game. Each is a different piece of the puzzle with their own background and motivations.

GTA V comes out for the PS3 and Xbox 360 on September 17. For more on the game's characters, check out our Who's Who story.





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  • Oh, man. Trevor all day.
  • Rockstar could have appealed to a broader audience had it included a female lead charactor. Get it? Broader...

  • Still not sure how three protagonists will work in this game. The major downside for me, and why I won't get this game, is it's only going to be available on the Xbox 360 and the PS3. Any game coming out this late in the cycle should just be offered to next generation consoles and PC at this point (like most of the competitors are doing). Rockstar will only limit their own potential earnings with this call.
  • My mind is ready, My body is ready, and My soul is ready.

    I'm digging all these characters but trevor. That is one unique son of a b*tch. :)
  • I like Michael's Voice

  • Man, Trevor seems like a complete nut job. Looking forward to playing the game.

  • Looks like things haven't changed that much between the Grove Street gangs and the Ballas since w saw them last.


  • Don't know why, but Trevor reminds me of Jack Nicholson, that crazy type of guy.
  • Did anyone else see Shaggy 2 dope in trevors trailer... nice goin all out even bringin in ICP for some cameos... seems fitting
  • ***

  • Trevor looks like Trash from The Stand
  • MICHAEL is interesting, he reminds of me breaking bad guy. FRANKLIN is boring, he should not exist in this game. his story is going to be so boring. TREVOR is amazing, crazy XD. MICHAEL and TREVOR should have been the only play able characters. FRANKLIN isnt worth it. he is just a boring gangster. seen it in gta san dress
  • Awesome! I'm definitely liking Trevor the most from what I have seen so far.

  • I love'em. I love'em all.

  • Let the chaos begin!!!!  Trevor..Off the hook crazy!!!

  • Wow! Trevor is awesome! It's like Michael Ironside and Jack Nicholson had a baby. Scary whatever way you look at it.

  • Interesting, Trevor has some serious issues but he's funny and reckless which is probably why most people like him. me? eh, their all cool..just gimme the dam game already so i can play this F***ing game! lol

    I will have to buy two systems so I can play GTA and Saints Row at the same time :)

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