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New Grand Theft Auto V Screens Show Terror From The Deep

Large bodies of water are safe zones in open world games. We never have to worry about what is under the surface. Water can be used as a means of escaping police, ditching cars, and casually exploring.

And then Ubisoft decided to populate Far Cry 3's beautiful blue seas with bloodthirsty sharks and crocodiles. Far Cry 3 shows us just how terrifying swimming can be with large predators lying in wait.

In Rockstar Games' newest batch of Grand Theft Auto V screenshots – a holiday gift to its community – San Andreas swimmers may have to be wary of shark attacks. And we're not talking about little makos here. That's a great white in the screenshot above. If this image tells a story, Rockstar may be striving for realism with the shark AI. In the real world, a shark is more likely to avoid a human than attack him. Maybe shark attacks will be somewhat rare?

Another screen shows a submarine, which I assume is Grand Theft Auto V's safest way to view the sea's majestic killers up close.

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[via Rockstar Games]

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  • Cool.

  • These are some nice screens!

  • Stop teasing me Rockstar

  • WELL looks like I want be swimming.Looks like I wont be jumping out of heli's trying to escape the police.....gotta worry about getting ate
  • That's awesome!

  • It's gunna be awesome!

  • subs. Subs everywhere. Subs with dogs, and sharks with cars.

  • This game just keeps getting better.

  • I WANT IT.

  • Are the myths still there? like in SA? example: big foot? xD

  • Yes!!!!!! Finally a submarine!!!!!!

  • Nooo! Im so afraid of sharks, especially the great white! :(( haha

  • If that is supposed to be a geat white shark in the picture , then whoever designed that sucks at sharks. That looks nothing like a great white, maybe a tiger or butt shark is what I thought it might be , go back and look at what a graet white looks like please.

  • vv

  • ╔═╗╔═╗╔═╗╔═╗╔╝║












  • Am i the only one with an erection?

  • Am i the only one with an erection?

  • When does Rockstar ever fail to disappoint?

  • You can see Travis' male pattern baldness from a mile away!

    But in all seriousness, I think we all know we'll being a dog around with us whenever possible. I hope it can attack things!