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Grand Theft Auto V

New Grand Theft Auto V Screens Show Terror From The Deep

Large bodies of water are safe zones in open world games. We never have to worry about what is under the surface. Water can be used as a means of escaping police, ditching cars, and casually exploring.

And then Ubisoft decided to populate Far Cry 3's beautiful blue seas with bloodthirsty sharks and crocodiles. Far Cry 3 shows us just how terrifying swimming can be with large predators lying in wait.

In Rockstar Games' newest batch of Grand Theft Auto V screenshots – a holiday gift to its community – San Andreas swimmers may have to be wary of shark attacks. And we're not talking about little makos here. That's a great white in the screenshot above. If this image tells a story, Rockstar may be striving for realism with the shark AI. In the real world, a shark is more likely to avoid a human than attack him. Maybe shark attacks will be somewhat rare?

Another screen shows a submarine, which I assume is Grand Theft Auto V's safest way to view the sea's majestic killers up close.

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[via Rockstar Games]

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  • Holy  crap i cant wait

  • Note to self: if injured by bullets, don't try and hide in the water. Also; submarines, so there will be underwater missions involving either salvage or underwater smuggling. Awesome, can't wait.

  • In the second picture, is that a *** SUBMARINE?!

  • Sharks. Why'd it have to be sharks?
  • When I first saw this, I thought it was an expansion or sequel to XCOM. There was an XCOM: Terror from the Deep released back in the day =P

  • My friends and I play chicken with a helicopter at max altitude, the land, and the ocean in GTA 4. How close can you get to the shore while exiting a helicopter and survive by landing in the water? The most annoying part, of course, is when you over-compensate your exit and land a few hundred yards offshore. Adding sharks to this installment should make our games more intense, if not somewhat scary depending on where and how often they spawn.

  • Sharks? Swimming just got taken to a whole new level of intensity.

  • I guess the days of bailing out of helicopters, landing in the water, then spending 20 minutes trying to get to dry land are over. This stuff just got real.
  • That shark looks a little.... disproportionate.

  • Them waters aren't safe anymore.

  • HAH i had asked you this question in A&A if we would have sharks in GTAV. And here is the answer a screenshot from a HUGE shark in the waters from Los Santos.

    And those other screens are great to.

  • It's amazing how much detail Rockstar is putting into the "side" content. I mean hiking trips were planned, and now all this detail with a portion of the world most will probably never go to (unless it is for a mission of course). Rockstar you impress me greatly.

  • Neat.

  • This game maybe on the epic level.

  • Looks like GTA V is gonna be a little bit of everything: Uncharted style plane jumps, Far Cry's animal hunting, Just Cause's vehicles. . . boy, wonder what the budget was like. . .

  • Okay. Now I want to pre-order this! Looks amazing!

  • AHHHHH!!!! YOU MADE MY DAY ROCKSTAR!!!!!!!! And certainly happy holidays.

  • Sounds cool, that would be funny if when you kill a Great White, you get like 3 stars. Since in real life their endangered and it's illegal to kill them.

    But if that's a Great White, then it's nose needs to be pointier. Cause right now the head of this shark looks more like a Tiger Shark :/

  • ╔═╗╔═╗╔═╗╔═╗╔╝║












  • Submarines huh, it appears Rockstar is looking to raise the bar.