Large bodies of water are safe zones in open world games. We never have to worry about what is under the surface. Water can be used as a means of escaping police, ditching cars, and casually exploring.

And then Ubisoft decided to populate Far Cry 3's beautiful blue seas with bloodthirsty sharks and crocodiles. Far Cry 3 shows us just how terrifying swimming can be with large predators lying in wait.

In Rockstar Games' newest batch of Grand Theft Auto V screenshots – a holiday gift to its community – San Andreas swimmers may have to be wary of shark attacks. And we're not talking about little makos here. That's a great white in the screenshot above. If this image tells a story, Rockstar may be striving for realism with the shark AI. In the real world, a shark is more likely to avoid a human than attack him. Maybe shark attacks will be somewhat rare?

Another screen shows a submarine, which I assume is Grand Theft Auto V's safest way to view the sea's majestic killers up close.

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[via Rockstar Games]