I didn't get my hands on this game till march. The Lost and Damned is a great DLC and is worth the $20. The game is actually longer than most DLC. The game is about good old american bikers. Johnny Klebitz, the main character is a jewish biker. Throughout the story the club's president Billy Grey becomes insane in my opinion. The other characters react with Johnny and agree with him on most things, except Brian who likes kissing-up to Billy. The controls were the same from GTAIV except they changed the fact that in GTAIV if you hit anything on a bike you fly off. In this game the mechanics of the bike are way better. The reason I like it so much is because it portrays the life of a biker that lives in a crime-ridden underworld. Throughout the story Johnny only works with Niko twice. They added some songs to the radio stations, but they can get very annoying after a while and I didn't think the soundtrack for GTAIV and Lost and Damned wasn't good enough compared to Vice City and San Andreas. The game is worth the money and I think any GTA fan should buy it. I had to play it on the 360, but luckily this march I'm getting Episodes From Liberty City for PS3 so i'll get to experience it on my own system. I think that this game will be played for years to come as well as The Ballad of Gay Tony and GTAIV.